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Gauging Interest for bringing back the Mentournament

  • I’d like to take part as a student
  • I’d like to take part as a mentor

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Back in the day Shax used to run a tournament focused on taking new players pairing them up with the old guard to train and then having it all come together for a tournament in a nice supportive environment.

For me personally this event came at a perfect time and with the help of my mentor Kirandio I was able to get up to speed way faster than I otherwise would have. This tournament not only helped me learn the game but it also took me from some dude who played qm occasionally and lurked about the forums without ever saying anything and boosted me up to an actual member of the yomi community who’s still around and competing years later.

This year we’ve seen IYL and summer smash when no one was sure they’d come back, we’ve seen NFTT bring back one day tournaments as strong as they’ve ever been and we’ve seen 19XX really encourage some character diversity throughout the scene. It makes me incredibly happy that the yomi community for the weird little niche that it is is still in full swing, in my time playing competitive games I’ve lost count of the number of games i’ve loved but have watched fade into obscurity.

The Mentournament is one Yomi tradition that I think serves a very special purpose and I’d hate to see it disappear so I want to step up and give newcomers the chance to get into yomi that was given to me by shax, kirandio and all the other mentors back in the day.

So who would be interested in participating in a Mentournament either as a student or a mentor?
I’m pretty open about who I’d consider a new-comer, If you feel like a new-comer then you’re probably a new-comer.

Link to old Mentournament


We’re off to a good start! @Niijima-san can mentor me all the way through the one round of me not playing anyone and declaring myself the winner! :smile:


Hello I’m totally new and I just barely found this forum thanks to a youtuber named Simon Braendli and his yomi videos. I would like to take part in this if possible because I’m totally new to Yomi.


Looks like you got an admirer.


Welcome (as a fellow new player)! Watching @mysticjuicer’s old commentary has been a huge help in leveling up my game as well.


Awesome! This is a fantastic way of getting started!

@BD_Corro rad idea to bring this back! Wish I could help out, but I’m in too many things and work is at a critical part of the year for me. Good luck to all participants!


No idea if anyone would actually want me as a mentor but I’m happy to give it a go.


I’m willing to be a mentor but I think I’m only viable for people who want to learn Quince, Geiger, and maybe Persephone in about that order. Furthermore, my schedule is pretty constrained. :slight_frown:

All in all, I’m willing to work with someone who can work with me.


This tournament is a great idea. Good job on reanimating it.

I’ll put myself forward as a mentor. Can teach some :zane: :troq: :lum: :grave: :degrey: :gloria: and maybe :midori:&:geiger:


Paging @lum_at_1st_sight. You might be interested in participating in this :wink:.

As for myself, my first instinct was to sign up as someone needing tutelage :laughing:. I would echo many others’ sentiment in that, I’d be theoretically willing to participate as a mentor, but I’m not really sure I’m what the kids would call… “qualified.”

That being said, if anyone wishes to learn the ways of :argagarg: or :midori:, I’m here to help. :argagarg: especially. Beyond those two, I can offer a decent amount of insight into the rest of the cast with a couple exceptions (:menelker:, :gloria:, and :bbb:, notably).


When I’m done with the fast timer tournament stuff (more on that very soon!) I can help some peeps with Onimaru and Valerie. Could do other characters too, but that would be more lightweight training, but those include BBB, Jaina, Rook, Midori, Quince, Persephone and Gwen.


@Zqxx is kidding himself—he’s taught me almost everything I know about Yomi so far, which I know to be a mere drop in the wide swath of his Yomi theory. :wink: :chibilum:


I could teach :setsuki: :zane: :troq: :grave: :argagarg: :degrey: :bbb: :midori:

But :setsuki: is my strongest char :slight_smile:


Overall I’m still fairly new to the game, so I’d participate as a student. I’ve just been playing with a few friends in person here or there, but I’m usually introducing the game to them, so I’m the most experienced one around…

I participated in the IYL and learned a lot by playing with so many people with lots more experience. I love the idea that this is specifically designed around the idea of mentoring.


The more tournaments, the merrier - and in one that’s geared spesifically toward new players, I might even win a match! I’d love to join something like this.



I’m against the idea of a tournament such as this. Instead of the top players wasting their energy teaching newer players how to play this game and improve their skill, said top players should be using these new players as practice games to keep their own skill sharp so that real tournaments will only feature the cream of the crop. Pick the bones, if you will.


In all seriousness, this would be a good tournament to spectate. I don’t think I’m new enough to count as a potential student, and I certainly don’t have the skill to teach anyone how to do anything beyond the RPS cycle.


Oooh, yeah, let’s bring back the Mentournament! I think that this should happen more often! Annually? That doesn’t sound too often, for starters, and if we got an influx of new players we could do more of them!

I’d be interested in mentoring! I wish that I could say that I could teach the depths of any character, but the characters I feel like I have a better understanding of are Gloria, Menelker, Quince, Lum, and Geiger! I can teach the basics of any character, though! :smiley_cat: I don’t know how previous Mentournaments worked, but I have a friend I’m introducing to Yomi, but he hasn’t bought the Steam version yet. I’ve showed him the physical version twice, and he seems interested in playing again. Could I mentor him or would I be mentoring someone else?


Ideally people will be paired with each other based on character and timezone, mentoring someone you know irl is about as good as you can get for the timezone part so I’m fine with that.

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Sounds like a really great possible experience!
I’d like to partecipate as a student, in order to learn more Quince or Menelker.
However I fear that I don’t really have much time to train with my possible mentor…so, maybe I could only watch sometimes “mentoring” sessions or mentournament.
Well, we’ll see ;)!

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I’d love to see this take place again!

If you need to pad out the mentor roster, gimme a ring and I’ll step in. I don’t feel confident enough to be a “first pick” for mentoring.