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[gauging interest] EX tourney

Is there anyone besides me who would like a EX chars only tourney from time to time?

  • Yes i like EX chars
  • No, thanks

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My no vote was in large part because I haven’t ground out any of the EX chars yet.


I tried this once, and no one signed up. I even banned Argagarg, but it wasn’t enough.

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ikr, infact u expected few interested players (not so fiew tbh) since EX format has never been really popular due to the lack of ppl unlocking them and most importantly, playing them.
I was oriented to something simple single elim, bo5 but with the 1 match/week instead of a single day event, so everyone could confy schedule their fight.


As most people own at maximum 1 or 2 EX characters unlocked, what about running it without counterpicks ? Players would choose a character when suscribing to the tournament and stick to it :slight_smile:
I personnally own 1 and I’m about halfway to own a second.


Character lock? NANI