Games similar to codex online?

So I’ve only gotten to play codex 5 times.

It’s there a turn based game similar enough to codex that I can play online with matchmaking? I’m pretty sure I’d just get frustrated with play by forum.

Thank for any suggestions :slight_smile:

I played several different games, and did not find any with the strategic and tactical depth and fun to play besides Codex and Forbidden Stars.

You can play Codex on table top simulator, but it will be difficult to find opponents. Forbidden Stars is a great game for 1:1 too. It is easy to find opponents on the discord channel und you play on table top simulator. Sometimes you have tournaments.

I am not aware of any similar game with auto matchmaking.

Much appreciated. I’ll check out forbidden stars.

I just love the structure of codex - I wish it had a proper online release.

One more, which i always wanted to test but never had the time is skytear. As well via discord and tabletop simulator.

If you test it please give me feedback…