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FYI: Yomi on sale on Steam right now

Most of you probably already have it, but the Steam version of Yomi is half off right now, along with the expansion characters. Sale ends November 1.

I think this is enough for me to dive in, at least for the base set.


At 50%, go in for Yomi and the expansion, you won’t be disappointed. (Plus, with the full set, it’s easier to enter all the tournaments that I run on the forums).


I had the IOS app for a time and, based on my performance, any tournament entries would be purely intended for comedic value and to enhance my opponent’s win rates. Since then I’ve switched over to Android, which weirdly lacks Yomi.

By the way, Puzzle Strike is also on sale.


Yeah, I wish Yomi/PuzzleStrike on Android were a thing.

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Tournaments are a good way to learn the game ! Opponents are often happy to give you some advice. Btw, next tournament is ok if you master only one character :slight_smile:

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IDK I lost pretty hard when I started but I won IYL. Losing is how you learn.


I used quick match to learn. Playing 1500+ Setsuki qm matches got me ready for tournament play. I placed 4th in my first tournament which was the initial Summer Smash. The tournament had 64 players. I got off to a good start.

Nowadays, qm is mostly dead. You could use discord to arrange matches, but that is still more limited than just playing tournaments. You will get the most variety of opponents through organized tournament play.


btw, losing in this game is not as bad as other games. You can still win at least 1/3 of your games even if you are playing badly. This win rate is not possible in most other multiplayer genres. IMO, the game eases the player into the game.


Took the dive. I’m liking Arg and Geiger, was drawn to them initially by enjoying playing them in Fantasy Strike.