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FTL: Faster Than Light

So who here plays this? Working on hard-mode winstreaking right now. Just had a heartbreaking loss in Mantis A (so I guess starting from scratch lol).

Also I guess if you haven’t played this game you should! Great soundtrack, tons of content for $10. Roguelike so if you don’t like those maybe don’t play this.


FTL is amazing. I’ve never beaten it on hard though. Amazing game to play while you’re listening to podcasts, but you still should have the sound on because the soundtrack is indeed amazing!

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I love FTL so much. It has that board game feel, but it’s a single-player game, and it’s one of those games where I always have to include the caveat “it is SO MUCH BETTER than the screenshots make it look”

I love FTL ! It’s one of the few games (with maybe Dark Souls, Primordia, Yume Nikki and Majora’s Mask) with a perect “feel insignificant in a huge fantastic world” immersion. I’m absolutely in love with the soundtrack !

That being said I’m not a great fan of the gameplay, almost everything is random (events, encounters and even battle damages) and can make you instant reset in hard mode.

But great gaming experience yes !

I haven’t played it in a while, but I have played it a lot.
I enjoy it immensely, though I consider myself pretty terrible at it.
I’ve only ever completed the game on easy, and have tried on all difficulties. Though I have made it to the final boss a lot! I just tend to die on it.

I think my stats say it all:
"Total games played: 73"
“Total victories: 8”

Love FTL…challenging but not impossible. I haven’t played it in a while. Now because of this thread, I might need to. :slight_smile:

I would say there are extraordinarily few auto-resets in hard mode. I think the vast majority of hard-mode runs are winnable, even accounting for negative RNG! It’s very easy to make non-obvious mistakes that can lose a run on the spot though.

Teach me your ways!

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So I had a super long post until I remembered there’s basically a totally amazing comprehensive hard-mode guide on the Steam Community page. Check it out!

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[quote=", post:1, topic:730, full:true"]
Not every ship can win every Hard run, even with perfect play.[/quote]

I don’t like this idea of game design. Losing before playing… Just imagine a Pokemon game where you’d be unable to finish the game if you choose Bulbasaur… That seems totally crazy to me

Different kind of game though. Pokémon is a billion hours long. An FTL run is probably like an hour?

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Yeah, it’s kind of a hallmark of Roguelike-likes. To put it rather bluntly, the game simply does not care whether you win or lose. ; )

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FTL is amazing. Good difficulty, great theme, fun gameplay, tons of depth and secrets, references galore, etc. The only thing I can hold against it is that it’s hard to learn at first. There are many excellent resources for FTL on the Internet (that I myself have utilized), but if you want to learn the game without outside help, it can be a hard road. That’s standard fare for roguelikes, though, and that’s part of the reason why I like it so much (there is so much to learn, and I find that fun). I just think it might turn some people off that otherwise might like the game.