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FSX 2017 Registration

Hey everyone! We’ll be hosting the Fifth Annual Fantasy Strike Expo from June 2nd - 4th in Oakland, CA!

FSX is a fun weekend event where like-minded fans of Sirlin Games can all hang out and enjoy themselves. Lots of opportunities for competitive and casual play, too! Tournaments will be held for Yomi, Codex, Pandante and Fantasy Strike.

Click the image above to get to our registration site. From there, you’ll be able to register for the event, sign up for tournaments, find information about flights/hotels, and more.

Hope to see everyone there! I assume somebody will make a new thread about sharing hotel rooms like usual :smiley:


eeeyyyyy come to FSX 2017 if you want to catch these hands in a series of sweet high fives!


Damn it! Sorry wallet, we are doing “that” again.


That would make the trip alone so worth it, not even kidding.

5th times the charm.

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So I booked a room for a the full time (thursday-sunday nights) but I need help filling it. @mysticjuicer, I don’t know if you already got your travel plans all hooked up or not, but I got a room for ya if you need it.

In case the message isn’t clear, anybody is welcome to room with me.


i dont know about from other locations, but flights from houston to oakland are pretty cheap right now… it’s tempting, but as a heads up, now may be the time to buy for your local airport!

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Awesome! I’ll firm up my plans and get back to you asap.

So who is coming to Fantasy Strike Expo this year? I hope a lot of you can come! It’s been really fun every year so far. Maybe this year you can brings some friends who are interested in Codex or even the Fantasy Strike video game.

Remember to sign up at

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How does parking work at the hotel? If I bunk with some one and don’t have my name attached to a room can I still park in the hotel parking lot?

I think there is an optional addon for parking. I’ll check when I’m not so drunk.

If I remember right, parking is usually $12/day at the hotel. We got them down to $8/day for guests at our event I think. @Leontes can confirm.

Yo, I’m confirmed! Just want to confirm you’ll have 4 people in the room, right? I want to split the bill as much as possible. Let me know! Also, you’ll be there as of Thursday, right?


Yep, I’ll be there Thursday-sunday and it’s a 4 man room. If I can nab two more people that would be ideal.

So if anyone wants VIP access to those sweet high-fives they need to sign up now :wink:


Awesome. :smiley: @Leontes @LK4O4 @Thelo are you three coming/looking for a room? First come first serve.


I also booked my own room, haha. Jumped on the hotel link as soon as it was up. So I have 3 free spots in that room, Thursday to Sunday.

In retrospect I should have coordinated more with the others! :open_mouth:

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I am looking for a room Thu night to Sun night.

Sorry @mysticjuicer, I probably won’t be attending FSX this year.

I’ve never been to a convention like this before, I assume there will be casual play for every game going on contiously outside of the tournaments? And where do you register for the various tournaments?


Yup, casual games going on all the time. If you follow the link in the OP you’ll have the option to register for tournaments as you register.

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I was afraid it was in the registration process, which I haven’t gotten that far into.

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