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Friday Night Fights

I was thinking yomi it’s such a fun card game,we need to get this community active again one way to achieve that goal,to strengthen the community.
I would like to propose Friday night fights every Friday 10:30 pm or sooner depending on who sets the room up.With the guidelines Title Friday nights fight.

Hopefully i can get the community support and see you all this coming up Friday 10:30pm pst time zone since that’s my time zone or a little later depending on traffic.


Sounds good! I may do that if it works out. No promises but I’ See if I can.

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I’ll put it on the tournament calendar.


Wow it sounds great!
That time is my afternoon time and I think I can join if work is not busy!


I’m not sure I can do that time but I can definitely do 1-2 hours later

THANK YOU for putting on the tournament calendar

thank you all for being supportive can’t do it without you guys

Has it started yet? Did I miss it?

Official time was 10:30 Pst, I think. But you should just throw up the room if you’re online. I’ve got a few things to do, but might be on later.

I’m ready if you are

I played some with Carpe and Dino. I’m done tonight


here if anyone wants tto play

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Is this still a thing/are people interested in making this a thing again? Would love to have a consistent time to Yomi.

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It’s not a thing currently, but it would be great if it were. Then we could give new players who want to find games a better answer than ‘tournaments’ (notwithstanding that I do love tournaments.)

I’ve noticed a small influx of new players since the discords were merged, which I attribute to Fantasy Strike players wandering over. I wonder if we could get some parallel streaming, or something similar, alongside their Friday Night Rank-up Nights.

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Are ‘‘Friday Night Rank Up Nights’’ a separate and current thing?

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Sorry, that’s the name of the Fantasy Strike Friday night regularly hosted event. In particular, @Leontes streams, both playing matches himself, and spectating other people’s matches.

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Ah, it’s a Fantasy Strike thing. I’d certainly welcome a Yomi equivalent.


Oh yeah! YOMI could definitely use this too, GRAH!

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