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Free For All (Frozen, Youngbuck, Request, Zhavier & Feathers) : table talk thread

Per the vote, let’s keep our table talk to this thread @YoungBuck @Request @zhavier and @feathers, that way our game thread will read a little cleaner

for those looking for the actual game thread, you can find it here


Spoiler alert for the hidden “Thoughts” sections in my earlier turns - “don’t make myself a big target, help take care of obvious threats.” 0 for 2 on both goals so far :joy:

I’ve abandoned the Thoughts tags since every turn I’m going “Ok, now it’s just survival mode.”

Fun times so far y’all

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Heh, my thought would have read, “I guess i’ll tech normal black things… Oh hey, Hooded Executioner!”

Small reminder that @YoungBuck and @Request working together can destroy Black’s Tech II before zhavier’s turn.

Because disease is worse than present hasty 5/5s or endless peace units with runes.

Yeah I’m not so concerned about his tech 2 actually, it’s the hooded execs that are absurd. But idk if they are more absurd than peace machine or present, I think they are roughly even.

As YoungBuck mentioned, what’s worrying is the fact that he can pull off things like 2-hero Metamorphosis or Abomination/disease rune chain/spreading plague in conjunction with the absurdity that is HD. A destroyed Tech II/FS helps limit these options.

He can’t metamorphosis right now, he doesn’t even have a unit to buff with Vandy maxband. -1/1 chains not as bad peace or present. I still vote kill his tech 1

I suppose if either Green or Purple draws the right spells/units that’s also viable. I’m focusing on Black Tech II this turn partially because it seems the most accessible with your ninja ping and available attacks on the board. Preventing more HEs is a good direction to go, though, if it’s manageable before Black drops more blockers.

Your concerted effort on me is admirable, but as I said before, I have no illusions on winning. More likely you will just make me and purple the easiest to knock out to trigger end game. Seems to me I should give purple a defender.


A peek at Black’s discard reveals that zhavier went straight for two Plague Lords. Not to be fixated on hitting Black (I was only focusing on where I think the biggest threat is, sorry if it came across as anything else), but IMHO Abomination should be taken care of with the Lords coming - especially seeing as White has become less threatening - of which the Basilisk seems the most readily available option. Or did Green happen to draw Dinosize?

The Potent Basilisk is more threatening than a meager Abomination. Also the Plague Lords don’t exactly synergize with Abomination. That and an active Peace Engine is definitely the most threatening thing on the board.

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Well y’all completely neutered me so I can’t help any of ya…

Honestly, I think Green stands the best chance at winning, regardless of my play. I probably should have kiled that basilisk.

OK, tough call on my turn. I’m afraid of Black, and I dont like Abomination in the least but Blue is looking really scary as well. I could have taken out either Abom and Vandy, or Oni and Quince, but I decided to split the 2 in the hope that someone else can follow up (looking at your @Request

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You are sitting pretty right now, forest-man. My StW insurance in my Ninjas is already blown out by stupid Abom though, so I don’t like my chances particularly…

Its interesting though, this FFA format can make big swings. I totally thought I was out of it a turn ago, but now feel slightly more comfortable

Though the looming possibilty of a big Peace blow out, Plague lord or Metamorph, or hyperion take down is still very present

This is a tightrope act here, especially at 13 HP. Also, work is pretty busy right now, so please excuse my role as the logjam here :psyduck:

Youngbuck is just making it harder to clear the peace engine away.

Also, you keep mentioning Metamorphosis, and I keep not having a maxband Vandy…

Yeah in retrospect, I probably should have gone for Oni and Quince and left your Abom alone, but screw that guy! But actually he limits skeletons and ninjas and mirrors, definitely should have left him alone

My bad @zhavier !