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Four years later, Codex still delivers

Played Codex for the first time since January 2020 (thanks pandemics)

Feels like returning to good old friend

I have more than 200 games under my belt at this point, and this game just refuses to cease to impress

Today, I have teched two Free Speech cards before Turn 3 as Player 2. For the first time ever. And it was the right decision. I was facing a [Zane]/Troq/Calamandra rush as [Setsuki]/Quince/Vir (randomly generated decks, dont judge kthx). IPN into Free Speech build was instrumental to stall the pressure and prevent Wrecking Ball / Pillage / Scorch inevitability.

I survived at 7 hp and bounced back at Tech II.

My opponent never expected this level of chutzpah, opted to not commit resources to murdering Quince when he had an opportunity, and got punished.

The other game… I was P1 monoPurple vs. P2 monowhite.

I did a Tinkerer -> Plasmodium opener.

I skipped a worker on Turn 3.
I did so to clear White’s board, kill his Rook and max out my VIr.

Then I skipped a worker on Turn 4.
I did this to cast Double TIme. Stupid things costs 6g. I’ve had no gold to pay for a worker.

Thankfully, I anticipated this turn of events and teched/played both Knights of the Conclave.

I won on Turn 5 by Tinkering Double Time and double-swinging White’s Patrol and Base with my army of Vir, KotCs, Mech and Plasmo.

White has had an opportunity to Snapback my Vir on T3, but opted not to. Double Time was too much chutzpah, he thought. Ouch.

Turn 5 rush win with a Purple. Skipping two workers.

What even is this game. :codexvir:


As a mono-Purple fan myself, I always wanted to believe that this was possible, but perhaps I wasn’t bold enough of a player to skip workers as you have. Glad to see this dream come to fruition! :smiley_cat: :purple_heart:


Chutzpuh has failed me far too often on the forum. But its nice when it works.

Double time is one hell of a drug. One of my favourite games had me with both tech 1 + 2 broken, and my opponent on tech 3. My board was empty and theirs was sizable. Que double Double time resolving. by the end of the third turn, they had no techs, no board, and facing leathal on board.

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