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Four Job Fiesta coming up, the Run is today

You might as well just google it, but it’s a charity gaming event for childs play i think. It’s all about playing the game Final Fantasy 5 and it’s fun job class system, but restricting yourself to only four jobs to beat the game with. Turns out FF5 is very forgiving and every possible combination of jobs can beat the game, even as solo characters. It makes for a very fun run. I do this a few times every year and my profile picture is just a kill screen of me beating the final boss with 3 berserkers and 1 White mage. Close battle as only one berserker survived the final Almagast so I just had to cross my fingers and pray that he was almost dead.

Whoooooooops, link burp! The Run is actually one of the tabs on the site, but it’s basically some people streaming the game with preset classes that were voted on . I figure I’ll break down their party for you all real quick.

  • Berserker : Mindless autoattacker that does more damage. Slow, wields daggers and axes. Usually considered detrimental by most people though I love them.
  • Beastmaster: Wields whips and promotes animal slavery. Well, they can capture monsters and release them to do certain attacks. We are basically pokeman. It’s a niche job as it really depends on what monsters you can currently capture and how patient you are.
  • White mage: Healer. To make up for her privilege her write up is shorter.
  • Dragoon. Knights that wield spears and show off by jumping so high that their sweet plunging attack finishes after the battle is already over. Good tanks, beep beep.

Figured I’d make a thread. Might post updates of my own run if it seems fun. You guys can name my first run if you like(5 letters I think).