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Flowchart update?

Hello all, longtime lurker here. Been following Sirlin for many years. I know Fantasy Strike is the new hotness and undoubtedly keeping everyone very busy, but does anyone know if Flowchart is still in development? I really liked that game conceptually.

Hopefully Fantasy Strike will finish development soon and we can hear about a new project.


Huge fan of it as well! I believe all resources are tied up in Fantasy Strike and will be for the foreseeable future. I hope Flowchart happens someday though. :slight_smile:


First time I hear about it. I read the premise from below link and I am a fan


Same here; it sounds amazing:

The best description I’ve had of the game from player so far has been, “Wow this feels like playing a fighting game really badly!”


I printed the Patreon P&P set and played a few times with my wife. Our conclusion was that ultimately, it felt more “interesting” than “fun,” and was best thought of in terms of an experiment from a game jam or something.

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Would you happen to know which Patreon post had the files (and what pledge level is required)? I’d like to try it sometime, even if it may not hold my interest for long, and since I’m already on Patreon because of Fantasy Strike…

The last update must have been more than a year ago.

I also had the P&P set, and I did think it was quite fun. Very mind-warpy, although I doubt it has the same legs as Yomi it was still definitely fun enough for me to make a post about it all this time later!

I have no idea which Patreon post has the files, sorry. :frowning: If you google for it, you can find the Google Doc for the rulebook easily enough, but as for the cards… No idea. :expressionless:

To be fair, even when it was still being updated, so was Fantasy Strike, so it’s been basically a footnote for all it’s life.


Yeah, odds are very good that any Dropbox link to the files would be broken by now, especially after Dropbox broke basically every public link recently

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