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Flash Duel PbF

Is there a way to do a PbF game of Flash Duel?

afaik no, sorry

But would it be possible? The main hurdle I can think of is that both players draw from the same deck. Then again, I don’t know much about Google Spreadsheet so there may be a solution.

You could technically do it, but drawing from the same deck, and the deck’s starting contents being uncertain, means you’d be on an honour system where players don’t look at the relevant sheets. They’d be working from the same file, but I think that’s fine.

Thanks. I’ll see if I can figure something out.

Is it too much effort to use the online client?

What online client?

Don’t forget that the Unity web player is deprecated and Chrome at least no longer supports it, so many people would not only have to find the old website but also switch to a different browser just to use that. It is an option, but no longer a convenient one.

(Though I suppose it’s still more convenient than any PbF format…)

I just remembered that Flash Duel isn’t asynchronous so PbF probably wouldn’t work. Oh well.

There is a response phase for blocks/dodges, but it’s not as bad as it could be, e.g. Magic’s instants making you pause after every single card play. It’ll be much slower than Flash Duel face-to-face, so people looking for that immediacy would be a hard sell, but I’m a Titan fan, so my comparisons are rather skewed in favour of just having opponents at all.

So if I make the Spreadsheet, it would be worth using?

I’d be happy, but wait for others. More experienced ones.

@zhavier how did you get the card draw to work?

I did card draw as follows:

create a script

  1. Read an entire section of the spreadsheet into an array.
  2. shuffle the array column containing the deck
  3. move the last element of that column from the deck column to the hand column.
  4. write the entire array back to the area on the spreadsheet.
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Thanks. I’ll try to do something like that.
Concerning asynchronous play:
Would the ideal flow for PbF Flash Duel be

  1. Defend as appropriate
  2. Do your main action.
  3. Draw back up to 5.
  4. If you play an ability and a counterspell is possible, end your post to give the opponent a chance to counterspell.
    (Edit: just realized that Grave and the dragon are the only characters with counterspells).

I don’t have the cards in front of me, but I think there are abilities that are played when the opponent defends, so you’d have to switch back after step 1 too.

Huh. I’ll figure that out later then

I’m sorry, but I Have no idea what I’m doing. I thought I could figure it out, but I give up.
Joining Codex PbF was my first time using Google Sheets in any way.