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First games, first questions!

Looks very easy to play and very hard to play well!
Will need some exercise…

I have a question about multi-color books:

  1. starting deck of one color --> + 1 gold on minor spells if you choose another hero to begin
  2. starting deck of one color --> bad combo with other colors’ further spells)
  3. +1 gold to the first tech building
    the penalty 2) is unavoidable, but 1) and 3) could be… what justifies to penalise the multi-color books? are there overpowered combos?
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I think I get what you’re saying, but let me clarify.

Multi-colour Codexes have two penalties.
The first is that the first Tech building or Add-on that they build costs 1 extra gold, and only the first time.
(For instance, if for some reason you built a Tower as your first building, it would cost 4, and then if it was destroyed and you built it again immediately, it would only cost 3.)
This one only applies if you have to different colours in your codex (neutral doesn’t count as a colour, so it doesn’t count towards this penalty).

The second penalty specifically relates to starting deck spells, and not hero specific spells, since they can only be cast by their specific hero anyway.
So yes, the second penalty is any hero casting a basic spell that is of a different colour to them (other than neutral) costs 1 extra gold.
This does mean that a neutral hero casting a coloured spell still pays 1 more.

Basically, Sirlin wanted all mono-colour Codexes to be viable always, so he specifically put these in place to prevent multi-colours from becoming totally dominant. It has definitely been shown that there are a lot of very, very strong multi-colour codexes, even with these penalties, and they would be vastly stronger without them, since early game gold is the most important gold.


OK, I’m looking forward to discovering all of these multi-color codexes!


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3 more:

  1. If I have tech 1 and 2 and my opponent kills the 1, I can on my next turn build 1 or 3. But can I build both in one turn?

  2. are all -1/-1 (or -2/-2, etc.) effects runes, even if it’s not specified?

  3. Overpower: “something else it could attack”… does it mean “something else it could attack now that the other unit is dead” or “something else it could have attacked when it began this attack”*?

  1. Yes, you can rebuild Tech I for free, and build your Tech III on the same turn. Building or rebuilding a Tech building only requires the previous one.

  2. No, they are only runes if it’s specifically mentioned.

  3. Overpower damage can hit anything it could attack if the initial target wasn’t there, so the former. Otherwise, a small unit in Squad Leader would stop an big unit with Overpower in its tracks.


thank you!

number 2. and 3. are as I thought.

for 1., the rules mention “build A tech building”, that’s why I had doubt.


I can’t find a rule about the end of turn: when does it happen? does it take place during the turn?

The order of the turn is on page 6. Although it doesn’t explicitly mention when the turn ends, it ends after your discard/draw phase.

If you haven’t found it already, you might be interested in dreamshade’s unofficial manual rewrite.


thanks! I’m looking forward to read this.

about end of turn, my question was: does Captured Boblatter trigger when an ephemeral dies “at end of turn”?

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If the thing dies while Bugblatter is on the field, Bugblatter deals damage.


cool! thanks!

Back here with a question about chameleon lizzo and sanatorium:
does it come back in my hand before being destroyed by ephemeral or destroyed before returned?

both effects activated at EoT, so it’s up to the active player to decide (you). You can have it get destroyed by ephemeral or returned to your hand


It’s how we ruled it… but weren’t sure.


Just as a friendly suggestion, these types of questions are best suited for the Rules Questions Thread, as many regulars frequent it to answer questions, and it is the go-to place for other players to search for answers to situations that have already been asked about.

Also if you’re at all interested, please join us for forum games! We love to have more active players, and reading other people’s games is a great way to learn strategies :slight_smile:


All right! I didn’t know I could ask questions there.

I like to play irl… playing, chatting, drinking beer, ideally in a bar…
If one of you come to Geneva (Switzerland) sometime :grin:


I understand your preference of rl-gaming. But I gotta say that asynchronous pbf-format is really special. Always thought about playing chess via correspondence - I find it kind of romantic… But in the end this pure skill game is just a bit too “brainy” for me. Codex imho has just the right balance of skill & luck and as a former rts-player (mostly warcraft 3) I just love the approach of card-time-strategy…


I’m glad the opportunity exists for folks to play asynchronously. That being said, I much prefer f2f games. With online games, players have the ability to min-max and study one’s discards and draw decks more in order to more accurately deduce what cards you and your opponent will have. While that’s theoretically possible in a f2f game, I don’t play with any savants like that (and I would never play with someone who was delaying the game to do such a thing). In f2f, you have to rely on your “gut” and estimation more which I much prefer to the min-maxing of online play.

Of course, I have a dedicated couple of folks I am fortunate enough to have as opponents in real life. Maybe some folks don’t have players and the online option is the only one. So, that’s great! But, I do think it’s a very different game. Some things that might seem imbalanced/overpowered online are not so in f2f games.


everyone here loves the f2f, but not all are so fortunate to have ppl that are willing to learn and play irl T___T


: ) I have one friend… he has a lot to play!
(we went from MtG to Android netrunner, a few years Mage Wars, and now Codex)