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[FFA] Nekoatl, bansa, FrozenStorm, charnel_mouse, CarpeGuitarrem

This most recent game spanned 22 days, and even discounting the 3 days where my computer was dead, that still comes to one round every 2.4 days or so. At that pace, it’s inconceivable that we’d finish in time. Might be best to pick up the FFA madness once the tourney’s finished or at least winding down.


Yeah I will definitely be taking a breather, multiplayer is fun but a lot to keep track of!

GG! I really wanted to Rewind but I was scared of Frozen stealing the win, but I forgot to account for Arrest…

Course, it would have helped if I’d remembered what spec Void Star was in…


Bruh you had the rewind and opted out of that plan?? I guess it makes sense though, I would have been very near lethal just on the board with Rook and Arg

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Yeah basically. If I’d remembered that Arrest made for a very vulnerable Nekoatl anyway, I probably would’ve gone for Rewind instead, just risking you drawing Earthquake.