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FFA: Multicolor Madness 2 - Electric Boogaloo

And with @Shadow_Night_Black Hyperions bringing him the win, we set off into a new game of FFA.

Spec selection format tbd after 5 people have signed up.

Sign ups (5/5)

Me me me me me me more words


I promise to always be the guy everyone wants to pick on, enabling “you” to win! …


Yeah, let’s do this. All of you will kneel, or you will be knelt!


I’ll pop in :smiley: Saw the last thread a couple days too late and missed out on all the mayhem, time to stir up some myself!

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I’ll take the 5th slot in this one

my deck


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My preference would be for random, non-repeating specs. Perhaps with the choice of which starting deck to use. Is that overly complicated?

Looks like we have 6 sign ups. Any ideas on how to make it work?

Chronological order, if nobody wants to back out?

Or we can have… tryouts

Also were tied for rules between random and byos, I’ll change my vote to random/pick your own starter/no repeating specs if that helps @IsotopeX

Even before clicking on the link…I knew that would be the video.

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I meant, any ideas on how to make a 6 player game work

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Is just adding another mercenary to p6 not reasonable?

Edit: or giving them +1 gold and same mercs as p5?

Nah, you guys just do 5er

I am a fan of BYOD. We can just stipulate no repeat of decks from the last game.

Ok, we have 5 then. Cast your vote for format!

  • Draft
  • Auction
  • Random
  • Bring your own specs
  • Other - explain in thread

0 voters

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@isotopex you are the tie breaker

I’ll just switch over to Byos, I have some things I want to try out

Turn order as determined by

There were 5 items in your list. Here they are in random order:


Timestamp: 2017-04-22 03:05:40 UTC
You have randomized this list 5 times.

@zhavier Start up the game thread when ready

To clarify it’s BYOS without any repeat specs from last round, regardless of who played it?

Like Zhavier said, no repeats of decks from last game

Specs can be repeated, you just can’t play an identical codex from last game. Otherwise we are all going to have to use growth and disease or something.

My deck


Before I start, I’d like to know what decks I’m facing