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Feeling a little green & need help!

Hey Codexers!

I’m still new to the game. I have only played a handful of games with another person. Until I can drum up more interests in my area I just vs. myself.

I have yet to destroy the “discovery” of the game aspect of the game by reading over other players strategies. It appears its time to change that because I am, in a way, “creating in a silo”. I only have my mind to bounce ideas off of. I have looked at many of the forum resources and read over the rules several times. I am still getting a grip on them.

I would like to use this thread to have some conversations about becoming more adept at the game.

After milling over the cards and looking for potential combos I have come to understand that not all hero’s/colors were created equally. I find that some decks appear to have more synergy then others at first glance. This is where you come in. I think the Black deck may be one of the most synergistic builds of the 6 primary colors. Green, however, has stumped me. Where is the synergy with the Balance hero and creatures?

As of this post I feel like the balance line up is there to compliment the other two hero’s. Mater Midori’s tier 2 ability is very counter intuitive to me. He adds +1/+1 to units without ability’s. This is mind boggling to me because only ONE of the balance units has zero abilities (Wandering Mimic). Am I missing something?

The easiest thing to understand about the balance unit line up is playing combo’s with Wandering Mimic to give that unit more ability’s.

What do you think? How do you play balance?


Midori tier 2 is evenworse than that, Wandering Mimic has an ability and doesnt benefit. An ability is not just a keyword ability, its any non italics text. So, Tiger Cub in the starter deck and wisp and frog tokens. Also a polymorph: squirrel would benefit.

Balance is generally best used for counterplay, not as a standalone strategy. The Basilisks and midori spells are very good coutners to a lot of things opponents might throw, but they dont tend to win on their own.


This is good to know. My current understanding from what I have read was that abilities are only things such as Overpower, Stealth, Flying, etc…

It I didn’t spend hours reading over threads, spread sheets, and rules I would be playing this game all wrong.

Maybe a 2.0 of the rules book is in order. What do you think?

Midori’s midband ability used to give units without abilities +2/+2 and reduce the cost to play them by 1 gold, which was insane. It made Tiger Cub a 1 cost 4/4, Wisps and Frogs were 2/3 and 3/3 respectively, and if you swapped out either Feral or Growth for the Bashing spec you could get Iron Man to be a 5/6 for 2 gold. It was just too powerful in that version, so to be on the safe side they dialed it back a lot.

You’re in luck!


Is this rule book made by players?

Will this rule book eventually become official?

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Yes, it’s made by players. No, it probably won’t ever be official. It’s also still a work in progress, but I feel like it’s already a lot clearer than the original manual. Once the last few errors are ironed out, I’m actually considering doing a high-quality print of it to supplement/replace my official manual, and I think I’d probably show this to new players over the original as it is now.


The player made manual does not contradict the main rulebook, so I don’t think there is any reason to worry about whether it is officially endorsed.

It is immensely clearer than the main rulebook, and contains rulings and clarifications from official sources, such as sharpobject here on the forum and the rulings spreadsheet and


I will read over it and was thinking the same thing about printing. I love how it looks but for printing I think just having a plain white background would be best.

I am also going to suggest that some unoffcial Tips and trick be put into the unoffcial rules to help people remember the action steps. I have them memorized and find myself forgetting as I am in the moment of the game from time to time. Then I notice I missed a worker or something.

This is a rough draft but I am making my own sheet. My plan is to print them out on some 100lb card stalk for each player. I was thinking some half sheets front and back. But I am still working that out. I know after many games it will be memory but I would love to teach people this game.

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@zhavier I was not worried I was just curious. I think its great that the community loves the game enough to make it better.


Another color that I struggle with playing is Red. It seems so straight forward but I play it so clunkily. Any tips on mono Red?

Is is possible to actually gun down a foe with spells?

If you’d like I could do some play-by-post games of Red vs Green with you to help you figure out those colors! I enjoy helping new players explore this matchup in particular, and it’s recommended for beginners anyway (hence why they’re the colors in the Core Set).


That sounds like a plan. You don’t mind if its a casual play do you?

Not at all! No need to rush, either; a turn a day is fine. Do you have a preference for which color you’d like to start with?

I struggle with Red so i’ll play that.

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Alright! Have you already found zhavier’s spreadsheet? It’s not required, but I prefer it over having a table tied up with my cards for an online game, and it generates the forum posts automatically.

Also, do you want to go first or second?

I did once upon a time. I didnt download it or read it though.

Alright, I have a few things I need to do before I can take a turn, so I’ll let you go first. Make a new thread in the Codex Play-by-Forum category, and either get the spreadsheet or just use your own cards (if the latter, I’d recommend using FrozenStorm’s template).

Just tag me in the first post of the new thread with @Hobusu and I’ll take my turn as soon as I can!

Okay, ill set that up as soon as I can. :slight_smile: Thanks!

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doing this in text is going to take some getting used to.

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