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[Feedback] NFTT Invitational - format

Hey peeps!

So I have been thinking a bit on how to do the invitational. Firstly, of course, who gets to enter?

Top 8 after tiebreakers.

But how to play it?

I suggest a round robin and then the top 4 play double elimination - all in Bo3 fast timer.

So, I was thinking maybe have this go over 2 days, one day with the round robin and one day with the Bo3 fast timer. Preferably a friday-saturday or saturday-sunday thing.


That would work. I would also be fine with straight double elim seeded based on ranking.

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9 rounds of bareknuckle boxing


Real men go 5 3-minute rounds in the octagon.

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Everybody mirror match. Throw clashes are resolved with a round of Codex where the winner gets to combo.


Also, how do we distribute the moneys? Coming from a socialist country, I want to spread the love to everyone, but then again, a lot of you americans don’t enjoy that type of thinking. #prejudices

Do everyone get some love? Or only the top 4?

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As the guy putting up the pot, I think that’s up to you.


I will get back with you after I see where I finish.

Jokes aside, juicer has the right of it. Throw the moneys wherever you feel like throwing the moneys. Hopefully the wind is blowing my way.


In a sense, yes of course it is up to me to decide, but that does not mean you guys shouldn’t have a say in what you would think would be cool or hype.

I invite you to give feedback on it ^^

If no feedback is recieved, I am tempted to give the money out in this fasion:

  1. 50%
  2. 30%
  3. 15%
  4. 5%

Does that sound ok?

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Sounds fine to me.

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You’ve got someone to donate an extra 10%? :wink:


Ok. So to recap, once more, before I settle the issue. Consider this the last chance to change things if they sound unreasonable.

The pot will be split into

  1. 100$
  2. 60$
  3. 30$
  4. 10$

When top 8, after tiebreakers, have been decided, I will talk to everyone, to figure out a date in November - either a friday/saturday or a saturday/sunday, that works for everyone. Should there be unreconcilable dates, I will chose nr 9 finisher to enter in their stead, or nr 10 if nr 9 cant. Hopefully this will not be an issue, and the chance for winning 100$ (first price of the 200$ pot) will be a good enough incentive to make top 8 set of time to play.

Top 8 will play on the first day a round robin - following the same format rules as the rest of the tournament. Top 4 in this round robin will then play a double elimination the next day, following the same format rules as the rest of the tournament. If I am able to hook a streamer to stream the matches, I would like for them to be played each at the time, as it at most is 7 matches being played, and hopefully we can gather a crowd to watch some high level yomi for the event ^^

I am tagging those who are currently in top 8, and who are close to being in top 8, to hear your opinion on it.

@Fluffiness, @FourLiberties, @Niijima-san, @Zejety, @BD_Corro, @Shax, @Fusxfaranto, @Attilian, @mysticjuicer, @Caralad


And @SouthpawHare, @MR75, @MysticDeadman, @deluks917, @CocktailsCOmic

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Sounds fine to me.

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I have no strong opinions one way or another. But thanks for asking.

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Dude if I would probably play of the prize were $0, so anything is fine by me. Split however you want. I play Yomi without expecting to get paid, so if I do end up getting paid that will just be a little slice of heaven.

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All fine by me.

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As the man currently ranked 14th, and who likely won’t get to enter the rest of the qualifiers due to work schedules, I say that everyone above me be disqualified on the grounds of collusion. The top prize should automatically be awarded to me, and the remaining tiers be distributed to those below me. Should there not be enough players to properly award all prize tiers, then I will bite the bullet and accept those remaining tiers as well.

Seriously, though, this is a good looking spread. I might’ve just done top 3 myself for an 8-player bracket, though.


I’m thinking that finding suitable times for two consecutive days of play over multiple timezones might be too hard. Like if there is at least one Aus/Asian timezone player, one Euro player, one East and one West coast US player then finding the right time to play will be hard. But then doing that for two days, it seems like a difficult problem, even with the great money incentive there.

On the other side, doing it over two days does make each day’s time commitment less. So I don’t know.

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Hopefully, with this being planned so far ahead of schedule, as well as the money incentive, those will not be too great of an issue.

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