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Fantasy Strike!

I just read the patch notes and I am now extra terrified of ever pressing buttons against DeGrey when he has meter. I am looking forward to exploring all the new visual improvements!

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I love DeGrey’s concept. This is my experience with FS so far;

Patch comes out, X character gets interesting changes. Wow I should main this, but… Valerie is still too hype.

This especially happens when she receives changes in the same patch :wink:

BTW @LK4O4, I bought a PS4 Rock Band guitar and it connects seamlessly to my laptop via Bluetooth. So I can rock out as long as the device can read the controller I think, no fancy adapters required.

It’s so satisfying to Throw someone into KD, jump over them with Orange and hit Red/Yellow to activate Rainbow Disc with a guitar chord.



I love the new Valerie yomi counter, it’s hilarious! And having move lists is very good, although I feel like it should say “forward” and “backward” instead of left and right, but that’s just me. Also no movelist for dragon form Midori?

I’m not sure but did either Geiger or Degrey’s yomi counter animation change? I seem to recall one of them would do a sweet JoJo-esque pose when they yomi countered, but maybe I’m misremembering. I want that tho

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That was :rook: !
He has a real animation now, so it’s kill. :frowning2:

:geiger: has to stop time in his Yomi counter 300%, though, or I will rito

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oh man, Geiger Yomi counter animation idea:

He pulls out his stopwatch and stops time at the last moment, then casually walks around to behind the opponent, places his hand on the back of their head (or I guess on their… back? for Rook or Dragon Menelker) and makes them do a super-speed faceplant like Hein’s climax super in KOF 14

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Clearly Geiger has to just do this


Yeah, I’m basically envisioning a combination of that and Hein’s climax super ^^

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The move list is not finished. It’s missing arrows (to replace “left”, etc), formatting that will go along with those arrows, and Midori’s Dragon Form. We wanted to get you at least what we had so far rather than waiting on finishing it.

Geiger and DeGrey have all placeholder animations. Their yomi counters didn’t change, and are still placeholder.


Ok cool, I figured dragon Midori would be coming, I was mainly worried about left/right. Thanks!

And yeah it turned out I was thinking of Rook. His new animation is definitely awesome, but also I loved the awesome stylish pose he used to do. I’d like to see something like that from Geiger, since it seems most appropriate for him :chibigeiger:

I ONLY JUST realized that DeGrey’s color #7 is Quince


I think you meant to say that Quince has a bunch of DeGrey costumes.

But yeah, DeQuince is real.

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:valerie: #8 is her base hair (maybe it’s a bit darker) but her dress isn’t the rainbow gradient and instead it’s a pride flag :smiley:


pulls out wallet
it’s empty



The first official screenshot has been revealed



Fantasy Strike is dead. Long live Fantasy Strike.

I was browsing the old forums last night when they went down :(

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I miss to old forum too. Sad. :cry:
I can’t save my favorite articles. Because I had a little sick…

By the way, I like FSFG !

But I don’t like #7? Colonel Sanders Style Geiger. (-。-;
It is not serious. (-。-; I will choice only #1.
I have some idea about Geiger’s new style.
And I will ask to Shigure, design for Valerie new style.