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Fantasy Strike Fighting Game open for every level on Patreon!


I assume this has to be a mistake [that I can’t find an anouncemnt of this], but I can’t see an anouncement of this on these here boards, but here it is:

Fantasy Strike is now available on the 5$ level of Sirlins Patreon! :smiley:

I think I’ll jump back on the crowdfunding wave.


Not a mistake. The game is now available at all 5+ tiers. The higher the tier, the more characters you get.
Do note that you need to login with your Patreon account now so you cannot just back for 1 month and play that month’s build forever.


As I understand it, that’s not quite true. You don’t have to log in at the $5/Bronze tier (to play Grave, Jaina, Rook, Setsuki, and Valerie), so that should keep working for as long as you have the build downloaded, but if you want Silver (to unlock Geiger and DeGrey) or Gold (for Midori) then you would have to keep your pledges up.

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Really? The way I read it on the website said that you can activate your copy at the tier, then that build will be at that tier. Maybe I’m wrong though.

I’m not sure, I can only justify Bronze tier on a PhD stipend, but the game authenticates against Patreon. Not sure whether it just checks your pledge level once, or every time it’s launched. A question for the devs/Sirlin I suppose.