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[Fan Characters] Regular "design challenge"?

Jumping off of what @Hobusu said here:

I like this idea, here’s how I see it playing out.

  1. Definitely should have each person have a go at designing their own character, unless they want to bring co-designers in. Design by committee doesn’t seem like a great way to do things, unsure if that was intended in the original idea. At any rate, it feels like a good idea to have a “game jam” approach where people just throw stuff down.
  2. With that in mind, I think it’s better to invite designs from a particular series/film/franchise/what-have-you, because then you don’t have umpteen different (but often similar) takes on the same core concept. That could be pretty fun.

I’d definitely have to give this a shot; I have a lot of random ideas hovering around in my Google Drive, but don’t have the confidence to bring them out on the forums. Having a lower-pressure atmosphere for it would be a nice way to encourage me to try things out and get feedback.


You’re right that design by committee would be bad (as much as I enjoyed some of the discussion on a 3rd Edition of the game, there was very little anyone agreed on). Making it into a “game jam” sounds like a great way of doing it!

also this totally wasn’t a way to get people to help me make my favorite game characters in yomi, i’ve never heard something so ridiculous, what are you talking about?


Same lol. I made something a few years ago I forgot about but I didnt think any of it was very good.


Plus, it means we get to see a lot of really diverging perspectives on character design.


One idea I’ve been spinning in my head is a thief who can steal a card from your hand when he hits you with a particular attack. It goes to his hand and he can play it as if it were his. When he discards it you get it back. I’m generally more interested in new gameplay ideas than in guest characters.

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I think there are some important questions to ask before we can start, with the main one being how often we should start a new fighter.

  • Weekly
  • Once every 2 weeks
  • Monthly

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I agree, though at least some of the characters I want to make would also require new gameplay ideas. Maybe we could alternate between characters and new abilities/gameplay?

Any new thematic designs I include in my ideas will likely be a Fantasy archetype that is distinct from the existing characters while leading into some wild concept.

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