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EX Storage Solution?

I have the full set of physical 2nd edition cards, including the EX cards. I have the official storage box, but it leaves a bit to be desired as far as carrying Yomi around in the most compact way possible goes. Does anyone have any other setups that they’ve tried? Would all the cards fit in a single 1200 card cardboard box?


If you don’t sleeve them, you can probably fit all 20 chars in a 1200 card (or smaller) card box. I sleeved all the cards, and use the old deck boxes as dividers, and all 20 fit into four 1200 card card boxes with enough room for dice to track HP.


I’ve seen a full set of sleeved cards fit into this box (or one like it? I don’t remember exactly):

They had the normal deck boxes in there too, to make it easier to find characters.

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I ended up getting a caseling 1400 card case. Sadly, it didn’t have enough length to store all 20 decks with boxes. So, I customized some deck bands.


storage is definitely a problem for me. i can’t bring myself to not sleeve these cards. if one card gets marked or scuffed i feel like it damages the competitive efficacy of the game.

So I’ve found that I can store all 20 decks, sleeved, in the Round 1, Round 2, and Ex Power-Up Box. 3 Characters per section of the ex power-up box (so 12 total), 4 in the round 1 box, and 4 in the round 2 box. I made custom-to-fit clear plastic slip-covers for each deck and they all just barely fit.

I know not really related to your topic exactly, but I figured I’d share my setup.


Yeah, I hear you on the scuffing. I play in person infrequently enough (and in low-stakes environments) that it doesn’t matter to me, yet. Plus, I figure I can sleeve them if it ever gets to a point where it’s an issue.

Where can I buy the full physical 2nd edition now?


If you click on ‘Shop’ at the top of the screen, it will take you to the SirlinGames online store.


Fits snugly in the original box!