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Europe / Asia FSX Quallifiers?

Any plans for EU / ASIA FSX Qualifiers? Each region has enough players to warrant at least 1.


I’d absolutely love to organize an overseas qualifier for FSX!

I’ll be posting more details about this in the future, but the main thing to remember is that the winner should be prepared to attend FSX to fight for the title! Hopefully SirHandsome makes it out again to defend it :smiley:


Plum suggested running it around the SPIEL in Essen. That draws many traditional game entusiasts from all around the world.


That would be hype! :smiley:

Are you guys serious? Do you plan to be at Spiel this year?

Living in the area, I’m always at Spiel for at least one day. I know for a fact that Plum is planning to come this year.

There is a 10% chance for me to find myself down there, is the date set yet?

I don’t think anything specific has been planned yet. I personally prefer to visit Essen on Fridays but I’m…
a) flexible
b) living in the area so I can come to some meeting place in Essen even if IÄm not visiting the fair that day.

Official site already has a date 13-16/10. I guess it’s set if they display it. They’re german after all.

Oh, Essen Spiel !
You have to get YOMI Germany ver. YAY!

Uh, EVO Japan 2018, Sirlin Games will join.
I ready to help Sirlin Games ! :triumph:
Working in volunteer !

But IDN how to produce FSX in ASIA.
Yeah, I still think that the best place is TAIWAN.
If the event will held in Japan, we can’t choice exhibition area.
(There are 4 YOMI community, Hokkaido, Tokyo, Kyoto, Shiga.)


Would Japanese players be willing to come all the way to Taiwan for an FSX qualifier? If so, I know of places in Kaohsiung / Taipei / Tainan where we could probably hold the tourney. Also, can you give me an estimate of how many Japanese players would be coming over?

It would also be closer for the Aussies to get to as well. @Bomber678, @CloudCuckooCountry would you more interested in a qualifier if it were held in Taiwan?

Seems unlikely, but I’ll keep it on my radar.