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Eternal Card Game

Has anyone heard of this game? It’s a mtg-like online CCG, perhaps the most F2P one there is. Thought it might appeal to this crowd. It’s in beta technically but already has 3 sets, 3 expansions, and full support of constructed and limited playmodes. Eternal and Codex are the only two card games I play, and they scratch different itches.


I played through the tutorial and did a draft, but I’ve finally aknowledged that I don’t enjoy “outside the game” deck-building games.


I’ve had a lot of fun playing it. It really makes good use of the fact that it is a computer card game, and all the fun mechanics we can’t have on paper. Plus (unlike hearthstone) I actually feel like there is a decent amount of skill involved in playing, and it can make a difference in most games.

I only play it F2P and I’ve managed to build several decks with plenty of legendaries no problem too, so its also actually viable to grind (which is nice).

I do agree it scratches a different itch to Codex. I view Codex as the very skillful, tactical game, while eternal for me is “How can I pull off this ridiculous combo” that Codex lacks.

I played it a little bit a couple years ago. It was alright and kinda neat at the time, but with just the core set of cards it was a fairly basic not-magic. I’ve heard there’s been some new stuff added in but never found my way back to it with so many other names flooding the market.