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New here (from Switzerland… sorry for my english…), I received my delux set a few days ago, and just wanted to know (before I play my first game) if there are any errata on the cards in codex.


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There isn’t really any errata for Codex, but there are some rulings and clarifications in the Codex Card Database (and if there ever were errata, that’s where you’d find it).


This will sure be useful.


Gruezi von Kanada! :slight_smile:

Salut aus der Schweiz. :slight_smile:

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The only real errata I know of are:

  • For Quince, “limit 2” applies to his topband ability
  • For Prynn, the midband ability is considered to only activate when she dies of fading during upkeep (though there are murmurs of this being too weak, and that it should just work as written)

Where? où? wo?
I’m in Geneva.

There is a misprint on Fruit Ninja where the Frenzy keyword isn’t described properly: it’s described as “+1 attack when this attacks”, instead of “+1 attack on your turn”. That’s the only case I know of where the text is wrong rather than ambiguous.


There are? I think Past is pretty strong as far as a “tier list” of specs may go, and I had never heard any grumblings here on the forums that prynn should be allowed to self-destruct for the midband ability (I think that would push her into the very top-tier with Garth and Zane, as late-game you’d have an 8g ability to flicker two units and stop a whole draw/discard.)


Aus Bern.

Falls du mal in der Gegend bist, einfach schreiben. Dann könnten wir ein wenig Codex spielen. :slight_smile:

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I may be misremembering or mischaracterizing discussions I remember from discord or something!

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I haven’t been on the discord much, so it’s totally possible this discussion happened somewhere I don’t frequent! I was curious if perhaps it had been talked about in CA playtesting circles

“For Quince, “limit 2” applies to his topband ability”

I don’t understand this one…

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The gist is that it doesn’t matter whether a mirror is impersonating something else, you can still only have 2 mirrors no matter what you try to do.


OK, thanks.

As printed, if Quince makes 2 mirrors, and then dies and is re-summoned (without either mirror dying), it could be argued that he makes a 3rd mirror.

Errata says he does not.

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There is no errata, only clarification rulings in the codexdb.

Limit 2 means it looks to see if 2 mirrors are in play, and if they are, you can’t summon more. So it does what it says.

Prynn’s “dies from fading” also does what it says too. These things have clarifications in codexdb, but those were written even before it shipped, so they aren’t examples of functionality changed later on.

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the limit rule gets clarification about what if the token copies another tech, what if it changes controller, etc.

but what I read here is that if Prynn dies from fading but not from “natural fading”, her ability won’t trigger.
looks like an errata to me!

The difference between errata and clarification are semantics, but I believe sirlin is making the distinction as “errata - something changed from the originally intended and written function” and “clarification - something that needed more words to explain the full originally intended function.”

By that, no errata has actually been created. Its a needless distinction in my opinion. The main point is, if you want to really know how something works, codexdb should have a more thorough answer than what is written on the cards.


The burden of being Swiss #multilingual