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Enjoy a massive 50% discount on all things Sirlin Games! Nov. 22nd-28th

Have you had your eye on one of our titles?

This is the biggest sale Sirlin Games has ever had. From November 22nd to 28th, you get 50% off everything Sirlin Games sells. Yes, everything. That includes:

All our tabletop games at Use the code CRAZY50 when checking out. Check out our top sellers here. Keep in mind that some products might sell out before the sale period ends, sorry!

Fantasy Strike, Yomi, and Puzzle Strike on Steam (as well as their associated DLC and soundtrack).

Yomi and Puzzle Strike on iOS.

If you’re looking for a fancy gift, we suggest Pandante (either regular or deluxe), as it’s joyful experience for both non-gamers and experts. Or, you could try anything else! Fantasy Strike on Steam is our newest and prettiest game. :slight_smile:


I’m about to pull the trigger on completing my copy of Yomi, plus the EX powerup. Very excited!


I considered buying the complete 2nd edition of Yomi. Apparently, it is sold out.

Yeah, if you’re outside the US it’s more like a free shipping sale ; )

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just got my copy of Puzzle Strike Shadows with the discount code :slight_smile:


Sadly the Puzzle Strike DLC isn’t discounted on IOS. It’s now way cheaper on Steam for the Shadows characters.

just purchased my copy of codex and its expansions. lol


Sad at some of the things that sold out (Codex sleeves, Yomi complete set, Puzzle Strike base set), but still got a lot of stuff. I’ll be pestering my friends to play with my new toys for months… :sweat_smile:


I too wanted puzzle strike the base set but will settle with the shadow expansion (for now)


Hi, does it still qualify for free shipping within USA? I out puzzle strike and flash duel in the cart, and it shows shipping costs too.

Also, how long does ship naked take for the package to arrive?

I was able to get the discount from the website and from Steam items, but not through iOS. I purchased the “all characters” add-on for Puzzle Strike, and it didn’t offer me the chance to enter the discount code. Is there a way to retroactively get that 50% off since I purchased it during the sale window? Thanks.

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