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Dual Color Decks

When running multi color decks do you find it is always best to run three different colors? Or is there solid value in replacing a single hero in a mono with a different hero? In this instance I’m not talking about throwing a neutral in with two same color heroes.

On the one hand I could see some cool combo potential with dual color decks but on the other hand I’m wondering if it’s worth paying the multi penalty for bringing in one off color hero.

I’d really like to try out some Blue/Black decks because I want to control you and kill your heroes. Disease/Law sounds fun, I’m going to steal your unit and then make you discard your spells, mwahaha. Or Disease/Truth having a 4/5 body come down and kill a thing with dreamscape up sounds exciting (kind of like insurance agent combo but now you got a guy that can fight) or Crypt Crawler killing all the fliers for 1 gold apiece, mwahahaha. Having 3-4 abominations out in the combo would also be something.

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imo since the multi color penalty applies, either u play mono/mono+neutral or is better to play the 3 specs that in ur opinion hold the best sinergy, and that usually applies with 3 diff colors.

My favorite Codex right now is [Past]/Present/Truth. It’s dual color but the reason to play it is because of the high synergy between Soldiers and Mystics that Battle Suits provides. So, I think it really depends on the Spec synergy.


A dual color deck might pay the multi-color penalty but they will have two heroes who can use the starter spells without penalty, assuming that you choose that starter deck.


Yeah, what chuckly said.

The advantage of going with only single off-color hero is that you have multiple heroes who can cast the starter-deck spells at face value. So if your deck concept uses a starter-deck spell for a specific answer or as a key part of your gameplan, that’s important.

Conversely the advantage of going with a tricolor hero team is that you have a lot more teams to choose from and therefore a lot more flexibility at the team-building pregame stage.

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