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Discounts on old Street Fighter games through My Nintendo

Presumably as part of the release of Ultra Street Fighter II on Switch, three other Street Fighter games have discounts available for those who have Gold Points on My Nintendo.

  • 40% off Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition on 3DS (60 points)
  • 40% off Street Fighter Alpha 2 on New Nintendo 3DS (30 points)
  • 40% off Street Fighter II: The New Challengers on Wii U (30 points)

As someone who only owns Nintendo systems, this is probably the best opportunity for me to try getting into the series (no, I don’t have a Switch yet and I’m not sure I’d want Ultra II based on what I’ve seen of it). With that in mind, which of these should I get, if any? Or would it be better to convince a friend who has a 360 to get HD Remix instead?

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I cannot rate the gameplay of these titles against eachother but out of those three, SSF4 is likely to be the only one with netplay because I think the others are just ports of old games. So if that’s a priority for you, I’d get that one.

If netplay were a concern, I’d probably wait until I could get Ultra II or V. As it is, the only fighting game that I really want netplay for is Fantasy Strike… #cantwait

I would not recommend getting Super Street fighter 4 especially not on handheld. Best to just get Ultra for steam, and trust me that Ultra is just upgraded SSF4 (which I also own). Whatever you may have heard about Ultra, I don’t know what, but it would probably apply to Street Fighter 4 across the board. If you’re worried about it’s complicated game play and FADC’s or Red Focus or what have you, then don’t even worry about it. If you’re brand new then that’s like miles beyond anything to think about and just play the game as you learn it.
If the other 2 interest you, I say go for it. I haven’t played much of Alpha but I know it’s pretty good. If you get a chance to try 3rd strike (pretty easy to find a rom) that’s considered by plenty to be the best.
Street Fighter 2 is not for everyone, I personally can’t get too used to it’s speed and the few frames of animation it has, but hey it’s got a following so it’s clearly worth it for a lot of people.

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Yeah, I’m not all that interested in SFIV due to how finicky a lot of it sounds, so knowing that this wouldn’t even be the best version of it to get helps. I don’t actually know anything about the Alpha series, and I don’t know what the differences between this version of SFII and Super Turbo are, so it would be nice to get some info about that (though it’s weird that none of the versions on Nintendo systems can be considered definitive - I wonder why they don’t get access to those).

Honestly each Street fighter is very different, but the difference between each version of a game are not mindbendingly different. I belive that ST is 2 but faster and with balancing updates (among other things) but at its heart it is still street fighter 2.
Some people like Alpha 2 more than Alpha 3, but they’re both still Alpha, which is not like 2, and more like 3 but still not like SF2 or SF3.

Within these versions there are differences, like apparently Street fighter 3’s first and second versions were not very good, but 3rd Strike is on a pedestal of the FGC. But for the most part they’re mostly some updates here and there, often times making the game faster or more complex, and new characters.

For casual fighting game fans like me, the differences in the versions are not going to affect the game by a huge amount, though there are things here and there that will definitely be evident.