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About a year ago, I started having numbness in my hands in feet. I was obese (6’1 260 lbs) and feeling terrible. First, I cut out all processed food and foods that contained sugar (except for fruits). I started to see progress with my weight, but I was still having autoimmune problems.

Recently, I came across the Wahls diet. It is basically a ketogenic diet that focuses on getting 100% of your daily requirements of vitamins and minerals.

My numbness is improving and I am feeling better. I have combined the diet with the Body4Life work outs. I am down to 193 lbs, and my wife complimented me on the start of a abdominal six pack.

I wanted to post this here for people that have had similar neurological and fatigue problems as I did. Do the research and put in the effort and you can heal yourself. Good luck!


Damn, gratz on the life change sir!


Thanks. If I can keep things going in a positive direction, I will post some before and after pictures to give people an idea of my transformation. I found these types of pictures helpful for my motivation. The main things is that I feel better, though.



The bothersome symptoms (the list is surprisingly long) that I have had in the past have either improved or subsided. I think I am closing in on my optimum weight. I now weigh 185. It is possible that I could still drop as low as 175…I think.

Looking forward, I plan on building more muscle on top of my frame. I will incorporate strength, flexibility, and cardio training. For most of my life, I have been a walker. I usually walk a couple miles a day. Now, it is time to hit the next level.

Until next time, good luck to everyone that struggles like me. If you are interested in helping yourself, I recommend Dr. Ruscio, Dr. Wahls, and Chris Kresser’s work. Google them and you will find a cornucopia of wisdom.


Mini Update:

I completed a four day fast. My weight has dropped just below 175. That is an 85 pound total loss. I did not think this was possible. It is definitely time to hit the weights. I have learned so much about nutrition, but I still have more to learn. I do feel that I am in a good spot, though. My energy level at times feels as if lightning bolts will come out of my fingertips. I am thrilled with the progress.

All of you Yomi players better beware. I have been learning about enhancing the mitochondria in my brain. It is time to put that knowledge to the test.:sunglasses:


My wife sent me these pictures today. I mentioned that I might provide a before and after picture. The 100s of hours of studying, implementing, and experimenting what I have learned about nutrition has paid dividends. Here are the results. The workout phase is next. My wife said I used to look like George Costanza.

Here is a picture of my wife and I.


As a funny aside, I used an ai program to analyze the side by side pictures and guess my age. In the before picture, the program pegged my age at 39. In the after photo, the program pegged my age at 61. I quit. The robots are taking over, and they have already declared psychological warfare against me.


:bbb: : lol, got 'em