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Deluxe Set Black deck missing a card

My Deluxe Set of Codex only has one copy of Lord of Shadows. I don’t know if this is intentional because I haven’t been able to find a decklist anywhere. Can anyone else with a Deluxe Set / a decklist for Blackhand Scourge (the Black deck) confirm that I am meant to have two copies?

Also, if you happen to know if I should contact ShipNaked or someone else to complete my deck that would be much appreciated.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You should have 2 copies of every non-Hero, non-Starter-deck card. I think the right move is to contact Ship Naked.

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You should definitely have two. I believe this is the relevant contact form.

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I could be needlessly pedantic and say that the Lord of Shadows is a tech III and not a starter deck card. Thus your black starter isn’t missing a card.

But I’m not going to do that. Not one bit.

spastic eye twitching

Thanks. So, what should I call it?

Has anyone helped you? I think that my set is missing one copy of the Purple Tier 3, Nebula.

edit: I just realized that Lord of Shadows is the Necromancy spec and Nebula is the Future spec, so both would actually be the very bottom two cards in the black and purple card packs respectively. Anyone else missing Tier 3s, especially in that bottom-most position?

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Same thing here. We’re missing one of our Trojan Ducks which is the Smashing Tech III. I’ve contacted Ship Naked.

I received an email from Ship Naked staff asking for clarification on which card was missing, but then nothing since then. I know they were moving the Sirlin Games stock between warehouses, though, so that may explain any delay.

Yeah, I haven’t heard anything back yet. It’s been about 3 days.

I emailed Ship Naked and got a reply back the next day telling me to use the form on the website. Filled that out and haven’t heard anything since. It’s been exactly a week.

If I’m going to be missing a card, I’d rather it be a Tech III than anything else, but it still kinda sucks. Hope to hear from someone soon.

I have a Sickness - Disease Magic missing… just contacted them via fourm

Just got a shipping notification from ShipNaked for my replacement. Never got a confirmation or anything before this since putting in my request, but yay!


Disappointed to report that my blue faction deck was missing the last two cards in the stack (Truth Tech III), Liberty Gryphon. But I submitted to the Ship Naked replacements form and I’m feeling hopeful given @Tallergeese’s experience!

I’ll report back when I hear from Ship Naked.

My replacement card actually just arrived today, so the whole process took a little over two weeks from the time I put in my request.

I had two copies of one Purple hero and zero copies of another. I contacted Ship Naked through their web form and got the replacement card in about two weeks. :+1:

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Mine arrived about the same time Tallergeese’s did; I’ve just been too busy to post. I suspect that more recent requests will be fulfilled rapidly now that the warehouse has moved.

Woo! Heard back from Ship Naked after 5 days, with a follow-up confirmation of the order at 7 days. Looking forward to getting the cards in the mail.

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