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Just to let you know that Codex Card Database now has a deck builder.


I haven’t checked it in a few weeks. I notice that it now has an all images button too. This thing is fantastic!

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It also got a link to general ruling over night.

@LK4O4 also merged my addition of the map cards, though we’re still figuring a way to get them rotated properly


Use html5 canvas.

This is off-topic but I was originally using the CSS-transform property, but it was loading unbearably slow (too much so on mobile). I think LK404 would welcome more contributions if you want to take a crack at it!

This is really awesome! I used to always enter the URL for my deck manually.

Maybe it’s just IE, but the general rulings don’t load for me.

It’s fine on my end (I’m using Chrome), so it might just be IE.

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Thanks for the heads up, I’ll see if I can figure out what’s wrong with the general rulings in IE when I get home.
EDIT: IE should be fixed now. Turns out IE doesn’t support Array.prototype.find. :frowning:

Also, the transform property wasn’t being too slow on mobile, it’s more that CSS-transformed objects don’t actually take up the proper amount of space in the layout, so you’d get the card image being chopped on the left/right sides in the mobile layout. Having everything work on mobile is very important to me, so I left it sideways for the moment and I’ll fix it later on, most likely by rotating the source images the correct direction and re-uploading them. (Canvas is not a good solution here for unrelated reasons.)

Thanks to @FrozenStorm for working on the map cards feature!

The GitHub repo is here:



Can I make a request?

I can never remember the Add-On costs. It would be great if the add-on cards themselves were also viewable somewhere in the database.


Token cards would be awesome too