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[Custom Character/ Spec for Neutral Deck] Lum The Gambling Panda

Okay I understand what you are saying. Since the card is a building, the opponent would be well aware that their gold is at risk, so they could easily counter it by spending everything… Hmm I like some of the situations that could create. I’m going to give that a try and see how it plays.

Besides the issues with Yakkusa and some of the starting cards, are there any other thoughts about the deck so far?

The Tech 3 is cute, but wierd. I get what you were going for, and it has some potential, but there are some odd situations some of those pandas create.

Mari Dori should probably say “Reveal a unit from your hand then discard it. Mari Dori becomes a copy of that unit until the end of your turn.” The bit about pretending should be flavor text.

The thing that is wierd, is that you are playing a tech 3, and it creates a relatively weak token that can become a copy of another tech 3. One idea that immediately sprang to mind was I could play G Panda and then reveal a pirate gunship for mari dori to copy. Or Ebbflow Archon, or the more powerful tech 2s, like Hyperion. Tech 3 is generally speaking, a power level intended to end the game, it just seems wierd that one of the best strategies for G Panda is as a way to avoid the tech lab for a different tech 3.

Well, the wording on Mari Dori I tried to translate directly from her Pandantte card. I know it’s not proper Codex wording, but for the reference I just went with it. And yeah, that’s an issue I’ve never run into as we primarily play with the basic Codex for each color. I’m sure there could be some broke stuff if you built into it properly. But since it only lasts for a turn, wouldn’t the majority of the best Tech 2 effects be unusable since they aren’t haste effects? -edit- I am stupid… ignore this. I totally wasnt thinking when I wrote this part haha

At one point I considered giving G. Panda a win condition based on gold. Maybe I could do something like if you give G. Panda enough gold, you win the game (something like 30 gold).

I see you, zhavier. I see you, and I approve.


I was worried it would go unaccounted.


Each player can only have a maximum of 20 gold, so that won’t work. Maybe having the “spend 1 gold to deal 1 damage to something” ability on G. Panda would be good instead of “you win if you reach 20 gold,” since 20 gold would be enough to one-shot their base and, more importantly, one of the best parts of Codex compared to similar games is that there’s only one win condition, which means that one player can’t be aiming for something that doesn’t interact with the opponent in any way (for example, winning with a good Exodia deck in Yu-Gi-Oh! is almost solitaire). If you went with a version of G. Panda that included that ability, it may or may not need more than just that (since even with a good economy, doing much damage with it drains gold fast). Perhaps it can do more damage to units/heroes than to buildings, similar to Jaina’s spells?

I feel like G. Panda should just hire thugs or something. Blood Tech 3 has the summon pirates and oh btw your tech 1 and 2 are free all of a sudden. The limiting factor on blood’s tech 3 is cards. If we flip that, then we end up with something that looks like flagstone garrison, but as a Tech 3… maybe an ability like Warp Gate Disciple?

How about: 1g: You may play a Tech 1 or 2 Unit from your codex (you still pay any costs).
“I pay premium rates, and I get only the best”


That sounds a lot better, both thematically and for gameplay.

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Yeah that would fit the game well. I like that idea a lot of hiring goons. If I included that ability, would it make sense to still include the Panda entourage upon summoning? I still want to include the Pandante Panda’s somehow haha

The Panda entourage could probably stick around, but I might lower their stats, and mess with G Panda’s Stats, as 0/10 is underwhelming.

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