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[Custom Character] Master Yomise, Yomiurgical Tactician~ (Feedback Wanted!)

Introducing Master Yomise, Yomiurgical Tactician~:


Master Yomise is a wandering warrior, or at least he was! He fought against Onimaru’s army alongside Daigo Stormborne’s forces, but is mistakenly thought to be a deserter. He was actually commanded to fake a retreat in an attempt to mislead Onimaru’s right flank, but the bait wasn’t taken. When Yomise got in position he could see that the battle was lost. He witnessed his mentor & friend Daigo Stormborne’s death to his own blade in the hands of Onimaru himself - from atop a forested hill. In desperation, he wanted to charge in and do whatever he could to get some kind of vengeance, but he decided instead to avoid his near-guaranteed death that day, and live on!

…He was pleased to find out that Daigo Stormborne’s sword was returned to the Stormborne clan, however. Thank ye forever, Persephone! <3 :persephone:

Character Stats:

70 HP
3 CP
Normal Throws: 2 CP, Speed X.2, 5 damage & KD.
Normal Attacks: X.7 Speed, X Damage.
(X = Card Rank)


“Odd, but Even:

During the Draw Phase, you may attach an Even Rank Card or an Odd Rank Card to your character card (Only ranks 2-10 can be attached this way. If you would attach another card this way, return the one previously attached to your hand.)

Odd Mode:

Attach a 3, 5, 7, or 9 to your character card to activate Odd Mode.

During Odd Mode, instead of playing a combat card from your hand, instead play the top card of your deck face down, without looking at it, alternating between rotating it 180 degrees before playing it & not rotating it.

(If you reveal the AA side of your Ace and don’t have a second Ace in hand, you may substitute a card of an Odd Rank. You cannot pump AA with Odd Ranked cards, however!)

During Odd Mode, your…
-Odd Normal Attacks & Throws deal double damage.
-Odd Normal Attacks cannot be Blocked by Odd-Numbered Blocks or Dodged by Odd-Numbered Dodges.
-Odd Rank Throws cannot be Attacked by Odd-Numbered Attacks or Thrown by Odd-Numbered Throws. (Odd-Numbered Attacks and Throws revealed this way do nothing and are discarded. Your opponent does not draw a card for winning with a Normal Attack.)
-Odd-Numbered Blocks & Dodges cannot be thrown by Odd-Numbered throws. (Odd-Numbered Throws revealed this way do nothing and are discarded.)

When you win combat with an Even Rank card, pump with an Even Rank card, or lose combat to an Even Rank card, you lose Odd Mode. Discard your attached Odd Rank card.

Even Mode:

Attach a 2, 4, 6, 8, or 10 to your character card to activate Even Mode.

During Even mode your Even Rank attacks & throws deal +2 damage each.

When you win combat with an Odd Rank card or lose combat to an Odd Rank card, you lose Even Mode. Discard your attached Even Rank card.”

Card Ranks:

2 B/T
3 B/T
4 T/D (1 CP instead of the normal 2 CP. 4.0 speed. 7 damage. Does not KD.)
5 A/B
6 A/T
*7 A/T
8 A/T
*9 B/D
*10 A/D

*J Attack (Wave Motion Fist): 2.4 Speed, 1 CP Ender. 8 (3) Damage.

Q Attack (Fair Reversal): 0.0 Speed, Can’t Combo. 2 (2) + 8 (Even Rank Cards) + 6 (Even Rank Cards) 16 max damage.

K Attack (Pa-pa-Kick-ya!): 3.7 Speed, 2 CP Linker. 7 (3) + 7 (Any) + 7 (Any)

A Attack (Rising Drunken Fist): 2.2 Speed, 1 CP Ender. 12 (2) damage.

AA Attack (Sometimes, Drunken Fist): 1.2 Speed, 2 CP Ender. 21 (3) + 12 (A) Damage.

Attacks 5-8, 10, J, Q+Even Rank Cards+Even Rank Cards, K+Any+Any, A, AA+A.
Throws: 2-4, 6-8
Blocks 2, 3, 5, & 9.
Dodges: 4, 9, & 10.

Fastest Attacks: Q+Even Rank Cards+Even Rank Cards (0.0), AA+A (1.2), A (2.2), *J (2.4), K+Any+Any (3.7), 5 (5.7)…
Fastest Throws: 2 (2.2), 3 (3.2) 4 (4.0), 6 (6.2), 7 (7.2), 8 (8.2)


Where’s That Seven Pack? (7 Ability): Draw Phase: Odd Mode only. Count the number of cards in your hand, then shuffle your hand into your deck and draw that many cards.

Surge Fist (J Ability) During Combat: Even Mode only. When you deal Block Damage with this card return it to your hand and the opponent doesn’t draw a card for Blocking.

Sober Up (10 Ability) Before Combat Cards Revealed & Only While Odd Mode is Active: Sober Up cannot be countered. Discard a Joker & discard your attached card. Attach this card to your character card. You are now in Even Mode!

Sober Down (9 Ability) Before Combat Cards Revealed & Only While Even Mode is Active: Sober Down cannot be countered. Discard a Joker & discard your attached card. Attach this card to your character card. You are now in Odd Mode!

My Thoughts About Yomise as a Character:

Yomise is kinda a fusion between a Troq & Grave & some other stuff, but is a grappler with a 0.0 Speed DP too good? Is a Troq that doesn’t have to block to get +2 damage on normal attacks/throws too good? I personally don’t think that is much of a problem! Going from 5 to 7 damage throws isn’t that wild! But, is Even Mode too mandatory to get good, consistent damage with Yomise? And, is Odd Mode going to be used very often, outside of using his 7 ability to (hopefully) get a better hand? I want Odd Mode to be a thing that even experts would be willing to do, at least sometimes. I like how Yomise’s uneven flavor is expressed through his mechanics, but I’m not sure if Yomise would be fun to play/play against. I haven’t tested any of this yet besides doing thought experiments!

So, yeah, what do you think?

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