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[Custom Character] M. D. Botan, Geistacious Boxer!

M. D. Botan, Geistacious Boxer!!

Lore: A woman who enjoys things other than boxing, but gives it her all whenever she fights! She also likes cats! :smile_cat: (And dogs! Most animals, really!)

Character Card:

85 HP
4 CP
Normal Throws: 2 CP, X.4 Speed Starters, 7 damage & KD.
Normal Attacks: 1 CP, X.2 Speed Starters, X Damage.
(X = Card Rank)


“Chrono Cross:

During each Draw Phase, you may set aside one card from your hand face down with any number of time counters on it - putting the side you want to use towards the opponent. This is called “Chronostepping,” and your set aside face-down cards are called “Chrono Cards.”

Each following draw phase, remove a time counter from each of your Chrono Cards. When a Chrono Card reaches 0 time counters, play it as your combat card this turn. (If multiple Chrono Cards reach zero time counters at the same time, you may choose which one to play. You can look at your Chrono Cards at any time, but you cannot change their order or what side of each of them you are using.)

If you win combat using a Chrono Card that is…
-An Attack that’s a Starter or Linker, you gain 1 CP.
-A Throw, peek at the top card of your deck and the top card of your opponent’s deck. You choose to put those cards on the top or bottom of each deck.
-A Block, the opponent discards a card, then draws the bottom card of their deck. (This discard happens after the opponent would draw a card for having their Normal Attack blocked, & after Vendetta’s Normal Attacks would be recurred through Carrion Reach.)
-A Dodge, & you successfully Dodge a Special or Super Attack, you may follow-up your Dodge with a full combo.
-A Joker, search your deck for any card, put it into your hand, & then shuffle your deck.

When you win combat with an Attack Chrono Card without speeding it up, that move deals +1 damage per turn it was set aside for up to 10 extra damage. There are additional bonuses that ye get when ye win combat with Chrono Cards that were Normal Attacks, as well!

Turns your Normal Attacks were set aside without being sped up…
3-5: Your Normal Attack returns to your hand when it’s Blocked or wins combat. (If your 7 Attack is Blocked or wins combat this way, draw an extra card instead.)
6-9: Your Normal Attacks can’t be interrupted except by KDs.
10+: Your Normal Attacks beat non-Special/Super Blocks.”
(These are inclusive; if you wait for 10+ turns for a Chrono Card that’s a Normal Attack, it will return to your hand, not be interruptible except by KDs, and it will beat all non-Special/Super Blocks.)

Card Ranks:

2 A/D
3 A/D
*4 A/B
5 A/B
6 A/T
*7 A/T
8 T/B
9 T/B
10 A/D

Specials & Supers:

*7 Attack: KO Panch: 1 CP, 3.0 Speed Ender. 7 Damage & KD.

8 Throw: 1 CP, 8.8 Speed Starter. (Does not KD!)

J Attack: 2 CP, 2.2 Speed Ender. 7 (2) + 7 (Face Cards) + 7 (Face Cards) Damage.

Chrono Cross-only Q Attack: 0.0 Speed, Can’t Combo. 12 (2) Damage.

Anytime Q Attack: 3 CP, 1.4 Speed Ender. 8 (2) + 3 (Any) + 3 (Any) Damage.

*K Attack: Puncher’s Overhead: 1 CP, 3.0 Speed Linker. 6 (2) Damage.

*K Attack: Taunter’s Rose Toss: 0 CP, 7.7 Speed Starter. 1 Damage.

*A Block: Anti-Panch Tech. (Kicks Are Also Defended Against)

AAA: 3 CP, 0.3 Speed Ender. 30 (3) Damage.

Attacks: 2-7, J, Q, Q, K, K, & AAA.
Throws: 6-9.
Blocks: 4, 5, 8, 9, & A.
Dodges: 2, 3, & 10.

Fastest Attacks: Chrono Cross-Only Q Attack (0.0), AAA Attack (0.3), Anytime Q Attack (1.4), 2 (2.2), J Attack (2.2), Fast K* (3.0), 7* (3.0), 3 (3.2)…
Fastest Throws: 6 (6.4), 7 (7.4), 8 (8.8), & 9 (9.4).


4 Ability: “The Quickening: [Combat Reveal] Draw a card, then discard a card of rank A-10. Reduce the time counters on each of your Chrono Cards by that number (Discarding an A reduces all time counters by one or eleven). If any of them have zero time counters, flip them face-up & you may play either side of them in any order to follow up your combat card. Non-Super Attacks & Throws played this way are Linkers. Discard any unused set aside face-up cards this turn at End of Combat.”

7 Ability: “Panchion Reach: [During Combat] If ‘KD Panch’ is blocked or wins combat, return it to your hand.”

(Puncher’s Overhead) K Ability: “No-Look 360 Towards Fierce: [During Combat] This can only be Blocked by a Block of the same color Red/Black.”

(Taunter’s Rose Toss) K Ability: “Rose-Catching Frames: [During Combat] When you deal damage with Taunter’s Rose Toss, & you played it as your combat card, you gain 2 CP this combat. If you deal damage with a Taunter’s Rose Toss that hits after a dodge, you have +1 CP next combat.”

A Ability: “Extra Steps: [Draw Phase] Draw a card, then Chronostep. (To Chronostep, set aside a card in your hand face down with any number of time counters on it - putting the side that you want to use in combat in the future towards the opponent. That card becomes one of your Chrono Cards. Each turn, remove a time counter from each of your Chrono Cards. When a Chrono Card reaches 0 time counters, play it as your combat card this turn. If multiple Chrono Cards reach 0 time counters at the same time, you choose which one of them to play. You may look at, but not rearrange, your Chrono Cards at any time.)”

(Anti-Panch Tech (Kicks Are Also Defended Against)) A Block Ability: “I Was On The Ropes, Dope!: [During Combat] If you successfully Block an Attack with this while you have one or zero cards in hand, return this Ace to your hand - then draw cards until you have seven cards in hand.”

Recent Edits:

11/12: I changed the way extra damage was dealt through Chrono Cards that weren’t sped up to encourage the use of Attacks - especially Normal Attacks! Previously, all types of cards got a damage boost, but that was probably too good & also not flavorful for a boxer. I also changed the rewards for winning combat with Throws and Blocks via Chronostepping, which were pretty wild! Drawing a card for winning combat with a throw?! No thx! Also, name change + other tweaks! :smiley_cat: