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Cursed Cards

Writing up the Cursed Cards for @vengefulpickle

Grave - Rusty Warrior

Knowing the Opponent

When your opponent blocks an attack, he may reveal a card from his hand. If he plays that card as his face down combat card next turn, when he reveals it in combat he may search his deck or discard pile for a Queen, reveal it, put it in his hand, then shuffle his deck.

“My skills are failing… Are yours?”

Jaina - Phoenix Arsonist

Burning Vigor

At the end of combat, if you attacked, your opponent may have you return any number of your non-Joker combo cards to your hand. For each numbered card, face card, and Ace card returned this way, take 4,5 and 6 damage, respectively.

“When you’re too hot, you get burned.”

Master Midori - Scrub Dragon

Aspect of the Dragon

You cannot dodge while in Dragon Form. This ability cannot be countered.
(You can only play Dragon attacks while in Dragon Form.)

“Fighting honorably is more important than winning.”

Setsuki - Outfoxed Ninja

Speed of the Fox

At the beginning of the turn, if you have 1 or 0 cards in your hand, all players draw 4 cards and may hit back with a full combo if they dodge an attack or Joker this turn.
(Players still draw a card as usaul during the draw phase.)

“Whatever Grave says is probably right! He’s sort of losing his touch though.”

Rook - Tiny Golem

Has 50 Hit Points

Ability is identical to 1st edition Rook

“Even a Tiny Rook is enough to keep Flagstone from shutting down the Fantasy Strike tournament.”

DeGrey - Debaucherous Diplomat

Moral High Ground

If your opponent has more cards in hand than you, his face cards deal extra damage equal to the difference.
(Compute this bonus after his combo is finished.)

“Someone else can help you with justice. I’m a little busy here.”

Valerie - Depressed Painter

Agile Hands

Your opponent can combo normal attacks in any order. This ability cannot be countered.
(Out-of-order chain combos still let them search for Aces during the Power Up phase.)

“I can love whoever I want but I keep getting hurt…by combos.”

Geiger - Careless Watchmaker

If you take block damage from a face card, your opponent may throw you. (He plays a throw card from his hand and continues his combo if he wants. You don’t draw a card from blocking if you’re thrown.)

“So it turns out you can’t get back lost time.”

Lum - Unlucky Panda

Roll the Dice

At the end of combat, if you didn’t deal damage with an attack this turn your opponent may have you discard the top card of your deck and consult the table:

  • 2-3: You lose 4 hit points.
  • 4-10: Opponent’s choice: You are knocked down until the end of combat next turn -OR- your opponent returns all face cards he played this turn to his hand if he attacked.
  • J,Q,K: Opponent’s attacks and throws are 4 speed faster next turn (minimum of 0.0 speed).
  • A: Discard 3 cards.
  • Joker: You gain 1 hit point.

“My luck has run out, these dice hate me. Can I have some bamboo at least?”

Argagarg - Savage Shaman

Hex of Murkwood

At the end of each turn, if you weren’t knocked down this turn, all players take 2 damage.

“Savages? I suppose so, I’ve run out of patience.”

Reminder that these cards are based on the 1st Edition Rule set and naming conventions


Obviously most of these are pretty grim (although deGrey, Grave and Valerie seem relatively low-impact) but that Lum ability is just unplayable! It forces you to play super-exploitably or else get wrecked by your innate.


I agree that DeGrey’s and Grave’s aren’t that bad, but Valerie’s is GRIM. Rook going 10-10-10 into your face and fetching an A?

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That would indeed be horrible but 10J10 or 10Q+ aren’t that much better.

Valerie’s changes your valuation and makes life worse for you but it doesn’t completely destroy your game plan like some of these do.

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I think you’re missing that Valerie also doesn’t get to combo her cards out of order anymore. For a character with exactly one rank of linkers, that’s almost worse than her opponent’s getting out of order combos, imo.


Imagine Zane doing a meaty mixup on you, getting 30-odd damage and building half a Maximum Anarchy in the process


9999 for 36 dmg and 2 aces!!!

Well I didn’t include any commentary on expansion characters because they don’t have any cursed versions, but Ven could go 6667 and get 25 damage, 2 aces, and KD!