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Crypt Crawler question

If your opponent plays Lawbringer Gryphon, can Crypt Crawler use its ability to make their base lose flying? Crypt Crawler doesn’t specify that the target needs to be a unit, so I was thinking this could be possible.

“① -> A flier loses flying this turn.”

I don’t see why it wouldn’t work, assuming “flier” is defined as anything with the “flying” key word.

It works; @sharpobject confirmed this interaction on the old forums. Anything with flying is a flier.

Is this “official” clarification available on any of the online resources mentioned in the back of the Rulebook?

Probably not, b/c the old forums are no longer accessible, and not every ruling has been transcribed yet. I only remember this b/c i was the one who asked it.

Great, thanks!