Crafting Game Mechanics

Salutations ladies and gentlemen of all ages.

I am Jewelwriter and I want to probably talk about something that perhaps is difficult to put a finger on but is still an interesting topic.

Be it in a card game, board game, or video game there’s going to be a clash of ideas, goals, and glory and it has me wondering if you think that the game mechanics match the game tone or work well with the game’s idea at hand.

Currently, I am trying to create a Card game that has you resting your team members to use special attacks, normal attacks, and items and try to downsize your opposition with all you have but the size of your party determines the size of your deck, the weapon type of your teammate determines what kind of attack style they have and can only end with your gang going down with your team taking damage for deck refreshing. It’d be a bit RPG-like ala Legend of Dragoon with cards revealed for battle usage being the magic meter for certain attackers.

But this was just my idea and was crafting a few 2 hero decks with some variety of what I can make. But if anything I felt this was tricky to do.

What about you guys? Have you had a hard time crafting something like what I did or the like? Send your thoughts down below and we can talk.