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Count down dice for base health

What good options have you guys found? I got this set of five countdown dice made by Koplow Games that I found at my local game store. I like these because the colors match (except no purple :sob:), and the size (30 mm) makes them easy to handle and read without being too big. For those unaware, “count down” dice are d20s where consecutive numbers are adjacent to each other, making these dice convenient to use as counters in games. I was surprised to learn that Wizards of the Coast has a copyright or something on count down dice where the numbers are all consecutively adjacent. So, on these “off brand” ones, like the ones I got, the numbers are adjacent from 20 - 11, and then the die must be flipped over and then the numbers 10 - 1 are adjacent (i.e. all numbers are adjacent to the previous and next number, except that 10 and 11 are not adjacent).

Anyone know where I can find a purple one similar to the dice I got? Or are there other good options out there? I would definitely return these for a complete set of six matching colors.

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I just use mini d6s. Four dice set to 5 for the base, and then one each for the tech and assorted buildings.


What I use, and suspect a lot of forum people use, are 12mm d6. I use 4 of them for base health and 1 for each building. I saw Leontes and LK404 doing it in the early play videos and just never changed. Spindowns for base health also seem to be popular judging by the posted videos from FSX.
[edit: MJ beat me to it :stuck_out_tongue:]

The only Purple spindowns I could find online were on eBay. :frowning: Here is the link to the cheapest one:


I also use spin-down dice. Specifically MTG ones from fat packs.
I’ll probably use the dials when my set arrives though.

I use d6. 4 for the base and 1 for each tech building and addon.

I actually use the dial…


I use these, Amazon link for those whose FLGS may not carry something similar. It’s also missing the purple one, so I’m improvising with a dark blue one I already had. Though I’m tempted to grab that one on eBay linked by Vel…

Well I sent an email asking Koplow if it was possible to order purple ones. Let’s see what they say.

Well it’s no-go from Koplow on purple ones. They said they would have to order 500,000 dice in order to do it. That seems kind of ridiculous.