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Component / Packaging issues - Deluxe set

I received my Codex Deluxe set yesterday.

Haven’t inspected all items yet, but opened one of the deluxe mat rolls.

It looks like during packaging one corner of the rolled up mat was folded back when it was inserted into the plastic packaging sleeve. When laid flat, the corner is lifted up about .5 inch in elevation in a triangle with a hypotenuse of about 1.5 inches from side to top edge. (from memory so accuracy is in doubt)

I’ve reversed the roll and packed it back up until I have more time to look at it. But it did have what seemed like was going to be a permanent dog ear situation going on. I’ve googled how to solve this problem with mouse pads and will try light heat from a hair dryer on low setting or an iron on low with a buffer followed by the application of weight on a flat surface.

I wanted to see if others have had the same issue, and if they have been able to remedy the problem.

I also had the same problem with one of my mats.

While sleeving up my cards tonight my Blue binder’s adhesion failed, the pages mostly separated from the cover apart from one point near the bottom, and that was tenuous at best. I’m going to try and Super Glue it back first, otherwise I might have to contact Ship Naked.

EDIT: Super Glue Gel works very well

I have the same problem. I can’t fold it back down, its so annoying. Especially since its the one flaw in this otherwise perfect packaging.

Did anyone have any luck flattening the corner of their playmat?


I received a green binder that wasn’t even connected except for a small tiny section. I contacted and sent pictures to ship naked and I have a replacement en route.