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Combat Reveal Ability Rules and DeGrey's Innate

Say I’m Valerie playing against DeGrey who will deal exactly lethal damage with MHG in each of these cases.

Case 1: My normal attack vs. DeGrey’s K. Can I use Burst of Speed to avoid death?

Case 2: My Q or A vs. DeGrey’s K. Can I use 10*?

Case 3: My throw vs. DeGrey’s attack. Can I use 10*?

Case 4: My attack vs. DeGrey’s dodge. Can I use 10*?

If I can use Burst of Speed in some of these cases but not in others, what is the ruling reason for that?


I’m pretty sure you can use it in each case. There’s no requirement that BoS actually makes a difference to who wins combat, just that you revealed an attack or throw.

That’s what I was thinking. I just got done checking in the steam client and I found that I was able to use 10* in cases 1 & 2 but not 3 & 4. So I guess this is a bug? Although extremely unlikely, it could change the results of a tournament game.

i play val alot, and i can vouch that val can BOS in any situation. so cases 1,2,3,4 are a yes

Is it possible this is a bug vs AI only? Like Val’s K costing 2 combo points against blocks vs the AI?


@Attilian and I tested this in a custom game room, me as DeGrey and him as Val. Here were our results:

Case 1: Burst of Speed is allowed

Case 2: Burst of Speed is allowed

Case 3: Burst of speed is NOT allowed

Case 4: Burst of Speed is NOT allowed

We also tested Val attack vs. DeGrey Gold Burst, Burst of Speed is NOT allowed in this case.

Also there are some interesting interactions with DeGrey’s 7:

If DeGrey plays 7 attack side and Val plays a throw, she cannot use 10*. If I then flip to throw side even though I’m already winning combat, she CAN use 10*.

If DeGrey plays 7 throw side and Val plays a throw, she can use 10*. We didn’t test what happens If I then flip to attack side, but going by other interactions I assume that she would be unable to use 10*.

I think this is a bug and that Val should be able to use BoS any time she plays an attack or throw. @Thelo?