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Collected Codex Resources

Hi @zhavier!

I just realized that the rulebooks are linked from the Rules Questions thread, but not from the Codex Resources thread, and they should probably be the very first resource.

I also realized that the tips for keeping track of things in Codex thread wasn’t in the resources list, either. Since there’s a section for Forum/Online-specific Resources, maybe this could go in a section for In Real Life/Offline-specific Resources?

Thanks for all your help, and no rush if things are busy. (:

And I just realized the post is a wiki, so I’ll try to update it myself? Except when I try, I get a server error. Except it seems to have gone through anyway? Okay! And thanks again for setting this up, in case you don’t hear it often enough.

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Thanks for contributing! I think the error is more of a warning because of links that are posted in both the top post and in replies to this thread.

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Is there a place to get the rulebook besides Google Drive or DropBox? I’m in China and both are blocked. I’ve been trying to find a copy for about a month now, since I got the PnP to try the game out.

If you can identify a service that isnt blocked, perhaps we can use that. Otherwise maybe there is a way to send the file directly? Additionally, Tor Browser might circumvent the block, but I dunno.

I’ve hosted these at and for now.


Thank you so much! That worked! I’m so excited to try it out :blush:


BUMP 10char

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@Leontes Can you repin this thread as well?


Does anyone remember a guide – might have been on the old forum – about how not to get ‘blown out’ on turn 2, i.e., getting your hero or entire board murdered because you didn’t play around a starter deck combat trick?

This is something that really hurts brand new players; losing your board because you didn’t know Grappling Hook or Manufactured Truth even existed, then being behind on tempo until you lose is a really rough first experience.

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It’s here:

Also welcome back.


This page needed some love: I’ve added some links regarding rulebook rewrites, fan specs, and recent strategy discussions, plus the “how not to get blown out” guide linked above. I’ve added some author credits, too, if people don’t mind.

Anyone feel up to updating the play-by-forum tournament section?

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Updated the tournament section, thanks for the prompt @charnel_mouse!

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Much better, thanks Frozen! I’ll add the MMM1 series too, it might help with signups.

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Much appreciated brother

Sadly, the old forums are no longer accessible.
Does anyone have a copy of mallorean_thug’s guide they can paste over to this forum?

You can still access the old forums through the Internet Archive:

I can’t guarantee how many of the threads were archived successfully, though. It’s looking like most of them are broken, now that I’m looking a bit more thoroughly.

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Yeah, thanks for posting that, but I can’t access any of the posts, just the first page of the category indices.

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Added a link for The Grey Legions :slight_smile: Could someone add a link for the historical data sheet / thread? I’d feel odd adding it myself.

You should simply add it, I don’t see why you shouldnt self promote.