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Collected Codex Resources

You seem to be missing Toronto, Canada from your list :slight_smile:


Ah, I didn’t see a thread for toronto, but I can add it to the list.

Thanks @zhavier!

Here is the link:

Toronto Meetup Thread

Fixed it :smiley:


@zhavier request to get @Hobusu’s sweet new player sheets linked

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I had thought about requesting that myself, but I was going to wait until all the monocolor sheets were made. Speaking of which, anyone reading this can contribute by going to the thread @FrozenStorm linked above!

I will shamelessly suggest my beginner’s guide to workers for this as well.


I made it a wiki? I think that means anyone can edit it?

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Yeah, there’s an edit button on my screen. I’ll put up my reference sheets later; it’s a bit awkward on mobile.

Edited, but for future reference, the post is a wiki to edit as needed. Ya know, in case I get hit by a bus.


The old forums have a (now defunct) link to Codex Discord. Is that still a thing?

I know there was a discord channel… I don’t know what happened to it, I wasn’t on there hardly ever. If there is a current Discord channel, it should definitely get added here.

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Are there any comprehensive spoiler style cardlist with text like this?["Magic+Origins"]

I want it for translation to make pasteups. I really hate to copy and paste each page one at a time :frowning: Seems like a good candidate to almost do that. Probably as close as it gets.

There was an online spreadsheet (belonging to @sharpobject) which took all its text from. I’m not sure if it’s still active though.

This might help:

You can also get some files generated from the spreadsheet here:

Thanks all. I’ve just requested my access to @sharpobject file.
I’ve started to make Japanese pasteups and hope some Japanese friends to try…


oops, that spreadsheet should be public now

Hi @zhavier!

I just realized that the rulebooks are linked from the Rules Questions thread, but not from the Codex Resources thread, and they should probably be the very first resource.

I also realized that the tips for keeping track of things in Codex thread wasn’t in the resources list, either. Since there’s a section for Forum/Online-specific Resources, maybe this could go in a section for In Real Life/Offline-specific Resources?

Thanks for all your help, and no rush if things are busy. (:

And I just realized the post is a wiki, so I’ll try to update it myself? Except when I try, I get a server error. Except it seems to have gone through anyway? Okay! And thanks again for setting this up, in case you don’t hear it often enough.

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