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Codex Wildest Dreams

So this post in the Tournament Etiquette thread really got under my skin:

This is COMPLETELY WILD and I WANT TO SEE MORE STUFF LIKE THIS. Basically, let’s just have a thread of “not that you would, but you could, and that’s what counts” stuff like this. Or, if you’d prefer, feel free to pose a completely impossible-seeming game state that you’d like to put our top minds on finding a ridiculously contrived yet perfectly legal way to make it happen.

Think “combo video,” not “tournament finals.”

I’m pretty excited to see the sorts of wild stuff that comes out of this. Here’s my contribution: I don’t know if it’s actually possible, but what’s the minimum expenditure required to get at least two each of Land Octopus and Omegacron into play on your side, and have both ready to attack in the same turn?


I love that you’re leaving solutions which get 3 or 4 of each on the table… :slight_smile:

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I think we need someone to re-post the legendary infinite money loop in here.


Is this the Infinite Hyperions trick I seem to recall?

Maybe something about Terras Q, copying them with illusions, and omegacron
Haven’t thought that hard about it though, I’ll get back to you

What is the maximum number of different kinds of runes you can get onto a single unit?


For units: 5
Time / Crumbling / Javelin

For Heroes: 3
Sword / Crumbling / Time

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You cant have +1 and -1 runes at the same time


Ask for absurd, and ye shall receive, here’s the most damage I’ve found possible off of a non infinate:


:pspig: / :exhaust: = 20 / 5
2x Double Time that I played 3 turns ago conveniently resolve, gain 2x turns
2x Knights of the Conclave, 2x Omegacron, 1x Plasmodium, 2x Reaver, 1x Mech token all arrive for duty
Maxband :codexsetsuki::codexdrakk: & L1 :codexvir: (4)
Assimilate one of my opponent’s War drums (1)
PoP PirateKing
Attack for 36"Drumz" + 3"Drakk midband" + 22"Units" = 61
dc2, d4+:codexsetsuki: :codexsetsuki: (1)


:pspig: / :exhaust: 15 / 6
2x Wardrums (11 / 4)
Assimilate my opponent’s other drum (8 /3 )
2x FDS (0 / 1)
Desperation (0 / rs, 3 )
Promise of payment into FDS (0 / 1 )
Desperation (0 / 3 )
Promise of payment into FDS (0 / 1 )
Attack for (28 x 112)“Drumz” + 28"Drakk midband" + 9 “Heroes” + 64"Units" = 3237
rs, d2 + :codexsetsuki: :codexsetsuki: , Codex 2 ()


:pspig: / :exhaust: 12 / 4
PoP Jade Fox (12 / 2)
FDS x2 (4 / 0)
L5 Vir (0 / 0)
Use Vir midband to play topdeck, it’s a Crashbarrow!!!

Attack for (42 x 168)“Drumz” + 42"Drakk midband" + 6 “Heroes” + 88"Units" = 7192

Total dmg = 10,054


Clearly this game is broken and poorly balanced.


@EricF, does this beat your solution for a single turn beat down from way back when?

I want to see 6 Abominations on one side. They should theoretically live as 1/1s


That one stipulated an empty board.

Fine, addendum, can you get all 3 of time, cumbling and javelin onto the same unit.

You can do infinite Hyperions (or anything else with Haste) from an empty board pretty easily.

Yes, but shax was asking if this scenario beat a previous scenario, both of which ignore infinite scenarios. The first one also stipulated an empty board.


Midband Midori
Maxband Quince
Make 2 Mirrors
Play Abomination x2
Mind Control both of your opponent’s Abominations
Cackle maniacally as everything withers and dies

On a side note, an all-Disease FFA game with Abom faceoffs needs to happen now.

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The mirrors die as soon as they are made.

I don’t know if this actually works, and I had to twist things a bit with Emblem to meet the requirements, but I think I have it after thinking it impossible for quite a while.

[Black]/Law/Truth, opponent plays Past

Maxband Quince, make a mirror
Play Skeleton Javlineer [Jav rune]
Manufactured Truth, Javlineer copies mirror
Play Justice Juggernaut, mirror copies Juggernaut
Opponent plays a Vortoss Emblems on Juggernaut [Jav rune, Crumbling rune]
Opponent plays another Vortoss Emblem on Juggernaut [Jav rune, Crumbing rune, Time runes]

Plague lab and maxband Grave
Non stop swords

Dunno if there’s any card that readies a hero

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