Codex Warcraft - Retheme on Tabletop Sim

Howdy everybody, I’ve been working on Codex Warcraft, a fan re-theme of Codex Classic that is available as a mod for Tabletop Simulator. I’ve swapped out all the card names and illustrations, as well as many of the ability names, to bring in as much of that Warcraft 3 and World of Warcraft flavor as possible. Warcraft fan or not, I’d love to hear any feedback on this new coat of paint. I have a card gallery here if you’d like to take a look outside of TTS.

The TTS mod has a decent amount of scripting to make play as easy as possible. Setup and the draw/discard phase are automated, in addition to hotkeying common actions like destroying a card or grabbing damage dice. It also includes components and means to track any effect that lasts longer than end of turn. No more needing to remember which units were in play when you cast Ferocity (now called Bloodlust) or which Gargoyle is indestructible (still called Gargoyle).

Now, despite overhauling the aesthetics, I’m also taking great pains to keep the mechanics as close to Codex Classic as I can. I also want to clean up the wording and make sure some of the corner-case rulings are clear just from the card text. To that end I’ve been discussing the rules implications to various wording changes in the Rules Questions Thread, but to avoid confusion that discussion can be moved here.


I agree, I didn’t love the new wording for deathtouch, I’ve been mulling over how to make it cleaner and finally landed on:

Deathtouch (Combat damage this deals to units and heroes is lethal, regardless of the recipient’s HP, and can’t be reduced below 1 damage by armor.)

I did realize that Focus Master (now Mistweaver) also needs some clarification with it’s interaction with deathtouch, it now reads:

Whenever a friendly unit or hero would take exactly lethal damage, remove a mist rune from this and prevent 1 of that damage. (For a source with deathtouch, exactly lethal means exactly 1 damage and no damage prevented by armor.)

And thanks for the reason to revisit MoLaC (now Honor of the Tribes), I finally found a fairly elegant wording that I’m happy with:

After each attack on your turn, put a bulwark rune on this if the attacker dealt combat damage or had combat damage they would have dealt prevented by armor.