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Codex Storage: Custom Tuckboxes (With Printable pdfs!)

Hello people!
As you may have remembered in my previous topic (Another Codex Storage Post (that's almost pretty perfect))
I’m really into trying to find an convenient solution with storing all the cards in codex.

In my previous post, I kept everything in a wonderful Case-It Binder. Affordable, convenient, fits every card AND 2 binders and 2 boards (plus starter boards)!
But here’s the rub: It takes a very very long time to unload those cards and reload them, especially when you want to change and mix colors.
Now if you want to use the Case it binder with its sheets AS your codex binder, that’s fine, and since each sheet is a spec, that can work.
But I’m a maniac and I wanted to do a fun project.
Enter the Tuckbox. The convenient thing about the tuckbox is that each spec gets its own tuckbox, making playing with mixed colors much easier to swap in and out. The tuckbox is easy for when you want to separate all the cards into their respective spec into its own box quickly, and it doesn’t matter how the cards are organized if you’re trying to play lots of games with lots of different specs.
For Bashing vs Finesse, I find this even easier than using a binder. This might suck for the 3 hero mode, but since I have 2 codex binders, which I like using way more than the sideloader pages, I can still use those.

I’ll post a pdf eventually of all the spec tuckboxes, but here are some images:
NOTE: If you are interested in using these tuckboxes, know a few things.

  1. The boxes are big enough to fit trimmed penny sleeves or unsleeved, but are too thin to fit KMC hypersleeves. If there’s a demand for adjusting the boxes to fit single sleeved cards, I can get around to that, but I won’t do untrimmed penny sleeves because that’s harder.
  2. I am by no means a pro, nor am I especially skilled in photoshop. They’re not perfect, I did not have access to image raws of the heroes (though shoutouts to @sharpobject for providing me with hi res quality images), which means I had to bend around the coin symbol.
  3. Though within a color the boxes should be consistent, the binder art is definitely not 100 consistent among all colors. I might one day tidy that up, but as of now it’s not highest priority. Not to mention that Bashing and Finesse do not have binder art, so I kind of just…had to throw something together.

Here’s one with all the cards inside, made with card stock, although the paper itself was blue, which made everything (particularly the hero art on the other side) extra blue. Use white card stock folks.

I will soon tackle making token boxes which i will post, as well as “boxes” for starter decks and mini cards, which I plan more as being credit card sleeves with more depth to them. If you have your cards unsleeved, my current boxes should be able to hold a spec and its respective tokens, with Feral probably being an exception.


At some point in my mania I may even try and build a damn box made of wood, custom tailored to fitting everything, binders and boards included. Unfortunately the core set box is too small to fit the tuckboxes vertically, and I don’t know if they could store the binders and boards simultaneously with all the cards.
I might convert the Android netrunner box I have to fit BOTH codex cards and netrunner cards, but still again, I would need a way to bring the binders and boards. I suppose I could just put them in a backpack as is, but y’know, maintaining their integrity and stuff. This is one way that the binder is a more convenient option, since it stores everything safely in its accordion pockets.

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So it turns out I can’t upload pdf’s here, but I can upload all my images
REMINDER this fits 25 trimmed penny sleeves or unsleeved cards, but isn’t deep enough for regular single sleeved cards. If there’s a demand, I can make adjustments for single sleeved cards


Tokens. I’ll compress them into 2 total pages later when I finish the starter decks, mini cards deck, and I guess map cards?

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Mini cards are unsleeved. All other boxes are penny sleeves or unsleeved.
I find the starter deck holders to be the most convenient out of everything. Even if I were to go back to using binder sheets, I’d always pick the starter box over the sheet

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Here they are! All done! I’ll edit the main post to include this image too <img