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Codex sold in packs by Specs

As the title says, is it inviting or budget friendly to have an option for Codex sold in packs by Spec? I mean 1 pack would sell for about $10 to $15. Just thinking

I’d like to see specs/starter sets sold individually sure !
I bought the Print’n’Play version and I printed a second set of starter decks to add to my Deluxe collection :slight_smile:

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I doubt there would be enough demand to sell just one Spec. And the print n play is very affordable and provides enough to play the game in one purchase.


I think it’s for someone like me who can’t afford the deluxe set but who had played some pnp and want to try mix and match colors. lol

Once the expansion sets drop, it will be much easier to buy piecemeal that way. $49.99 for 6 specs and associated tokens seems pretty reasonable, cheaper than $10 spec packs. But I totally understand the affordability problem.

More SKUs, more headaches. I think in Sirlin’s ideal world, everyone would probably just buy the Deluxe Set and be done with it. I would guess that he chunked everything into these Faction vs Faction expansions as a compromise to make it a little more digestible for consumers. Breaking it down even further to specific faction or specs just means there’s that many more items you need to manage production and stock on. So yeah, it might be a nice option for consumers, but probably not worth the trouble for Sirlin.

Then again, he does sell individual Yomi decks, so maybe he’s open to the idea.


This could be a distribution model for additional specs (Anger, Fear, Aggression, Knowledge, Defense, Death, Life, etc.) - possibly sometime in 2020.


Selling individual specs might also harm one of the design aspects of the game which is that you choose your spec part way through the game, to respond to what the other player is doing, or to support the strategy you are driving towards in that game, etc. Sure a person familiar with the game might know enough to buy a specific spec and add it to their specific collection, but for a new player shopping for game components, they might not understand. It makes better sense to sell the cards by faction, IMO.


As far as having the option to buy individual specs, I don’t think it’s a good idea outside of something like the Starter Set (where you have two Specs for the 1v1 Mode). The only thing I see in the future of Codex (if anything) is the release of a 2nd Edition that fixes balance issues (similar to what Sirlin Games has done for pretty much every game they’ve made so far). They would release full sets of 2nd Ed. cards alongside a 2nd Ed. update pack that just contains the fixed cards for owners of 1st Ed,

If you’re looking to play competitively and want a economical option for making a viable 3 Hero army, I think the best option is to buy the Print-and-Play version of the Deluxe Set and just make decks for whatever you need (which should be pretty cheap*). If you ever change your mind on what you want to play, you’ll have every Spec at your disposal and you can just print out more cards. You can even slip them into the same sleeves as the Spec that you want to swap out if you don’t want to buy more supplies.

* You need 85 cards to make a full 3 Hero army (10 starter deck cards + 25 cards/Spec * 3 Specs), so a pack of 100 card sleeves (~$10) is all you need, and you can easily get some junk CCG cards from practically anywhere for backing the PnP cards. You’ll also need some card stock for printing out the various chits and the game boards (in the case of chits, you can also buy some color-coded glass beads [red for damage chits, etc.]). The most expensive part is going to be the printer ink, honestly, but you’ll hopefully use that for more than just printing Codex cards :stuck_out_tongue:. Throw in the PnP Deluxe Set, and all together, you’d be looking at about $80 USD to make one full 3 Hero army assuming you start off with no printer ink. Sans ink, the cost is about $50.

And yes, I think about this a lot. :psyduck:

You do have to pick 3 specs before starting a game, so there isn’t a conflict between buying 3 single-spec packs and the game mechanics.

That’s a good point, but what I was trying to say is that a person inexperienced with the game, who has no cards at all and is looking to buy some might not know enough to pick a good set of three individual specs out of all of the options. A faction is designed, generally speaking, to give you good options when playing against any other faction, which would be good for anyone starting out with the game.