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Codex Puzzle #17

Note #17 is a joke, though it would be awesome.e to know how many puzzles have been done.

What is the most negative you can get an enemy base?

1 No infinite combos
2 The game ends as soon as an attack or action resolves and a base is at 0 or less. Attacks are resolved one at a time.
3 Base health can start at any value, but the goal is most negative base health.
4 Functionally this could also be worded as: how much damage can you do in a single attack without going infinite?


If we have multiple upkeep triggers (say, 2 plague lords), does only 1 of them resolve if that involves killing the opponent?

Hmmmm, yes, for the purposes of this exercise, I think its just the one plague lord effect. They would be resolved discretely rather than simultaneously. My thought process was to try and match the way the game resolves effects and cause the game to end once an effect resolves and the game state includes a negative base score.

Ask for absurd, and ye shall receive, here’s the most damage I’ve found possible in one turn off of a non infinate:


:pspig: / :exhaust: = 20 / 5
2x Double Time that I played 3 turns ago conveniently resolve, gain 2x turns
2x Knights of the Conclave, 2x Omegacron, 1x Plasmodium, 2x Reaver, 1x Mech token all arrive for duty
Maxband :codexsetsuki::codexdrakk: & L1 :codexvir: (4)
Assimilate one of my opponent’s War drums (1)
PoP PirateKing
dc2, d4+ :codexsetsuki: :codexsetsuki: (1)


:pspig: / :exhaust: 15 / 6
2x Wardrums (11 / 4)
Assimilate my opponent’s other drum (8 /3 )
2x FDS (0 / 1)
Desperation (0 / rs, 3 )
Promise of payment into FDS (0 / 1 )
Desperation (0 / 3 )
Promise of payment into FDS (0 / 1 )
rs, d2 + :codexsetsuki: :codexsetsuki: , Codex 2 ()


:pspig: / :exhaust: 12 / 4
PoP Jade Fox (12 / 2)
FDS x2 (4 / 0)
L5 Vir (0 / 0)
Use Vir midband to play topdeck, it’s a Crashbarrow!!!

Attack for (42 x 168)“Drumz” + 42"Drakk midband" + 6 “Heroes” + 88"Units" = Opponent’s 1 Hp base goes to -7191


So only your first attack will actually deal damage as then the game ends, so I think that would be your Omegacron for 9 + 4x 42 (Drumz) + 1 (Drak) = 178 -> -177

Although by my understanding of the puzzle, your solution is invalid as you can go infinite with FDS, as there was no 1 turn setup limit.

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It’s not infinite due to not being able to cycle my deck more than once

Infinite turns provide infinite Fox’s Den students, I think is the point of shadows statement. Which is true, but it implies I need to clarify what counts as an infinite combo. Bob’s solution is only infinite if you assume an infinite number of turns for setup, which I didn’t really clarify anything about setup of the turn, just that your setup can’t go infinite.

So, to clarify, an infinite combo for this puzzle assumes a non infinite setup. You can have an arbitrary setup, but anything that would go infinite with infinite turn repetition is disallowed.

In this case infinite war drum damage with the creation of infinite Ninja tokens would be a problem, but Bob limited his fds to only the two extra turns after his first turn.

So currently -177 will stand.


ahh okay, so just to clarify, I can have any setup I want, as long as it does not involve infinite token spam (or +1/+1 runes etc), in which case I need to limit myself to a single prep turn (otherwise I can immediately see the whole " I do this for X+1 turns, which is non infinite" being the new way of getting the highest value.)

In either case, which your current explanations, I don’t see why bob can’t start with 3 max band hero’s and every non token generator unit in play from his codex before his 3 turns. Should boost his damage nicely.

I was half asleep or I would have suggested that he could get more by explaining what existed prior to his turn start. He assumed a bunch of forecasted stuff but not the heroes, which Yea, not specifically negated in my rules from having those already out.

Note vir maxband spam for mechs is disallowed the same as FDS spam.

Potential submission once I do the math

My solution was going to involve captured bugblatters, Pirate-Gang Commander and judgment day. Its just a matter of seeing how many units I can have in play the turn I play Judgment day. So Blood/Law/Growth, maybe.

I’ll, umm, check my math later.

I figured it was most dmg in one turn, not in one action. Here’s a version for this challenge :

Strength / Blood / Future vs. Blood / Growth / X
Assume all units in play (51), Tech II & Lab = Blood & Future, assimilated opponents war drums & MoLaCs

Cast 2x Bloodlust, 1x Sensei’s Advice & use Sensei buff on a doubling barbarian for +8

Molac (20) + Casted buffs (8) + Drakk frenzy (2) + Drumz (50 x 8) + Base atk (3) = 433

Enemy base to -422

Well, before I do my own strat of Plague Lords, lets just maximise @bob199’s

We are [Blood] Truth Future, against [Growth] Blood Strength.

Our opponent has kindly played an Doubling BarBarbarian, given it 3 +1/+1 runes with Blooming Elm, and attached 2 Spirit of the Panda’s for a total of +14/+14. We have then Mind controlled it.
We also take their actuve MoLaCs and War Drums (before playing our own)

We have all of our units in play (12 blood units, 13 Truth + 2 mirrors which copy 2 Hives, 16 future units, with 20 Stingers, 6 red starter units = 59 (ignoring any units that produce unbound tokens))

Cast 2x Bloodlust, 1x Charge on Barb Before casting Dreamscape for +8
total = MoLaC (20) + Casted buffs (8) + Frenzy (2) + Opps Buffs (+14) + Base atk (3) + Drumz (59x8) = 519.
Base to -518

each molac gives+5. considering u have 2 and same for ur opponent, after assimilating all molacs, shouldn’t give+40 to db cuz its effect?

I only have 2 molacs, my opponets, (I dont have growth)