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Codex Pre Order

Like many, I am anxious to get my Codex in the mail. The thing is. I didn’t find out about codex until the kickstarter was already over, so I had to pre order it. Any clue when us who pre ordered will see our copies?

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Apparently it’ll be shipping out relatively soonish for non-Kickstarter orders, especially now that ShipNaked has finished fulfillment of the Kickstarter orders


I got my shipping label notification last night and my Deluxe set is getting delivered by FedEx today. I was not in KS but a very early pre-order. It is good to live 50 miles from ShipNaked in NH.

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I pre odered on CoolStuffInc, so I probably have to wait until the release

I believe it is already released, it is available on Amazon anyway

Well that sucks, seems like it’s still not in stock on CoolStuffInc.