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Codex on iOS?

Anyone have news if this is in the works? I want to give them money for it. Like now.

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Afaik, there is no official rules enforced Codex coming anytime soon.
Sirlin Games is busy making the video game Fantasy Strike.

It would be super nice if community could do an android/ios free app that functions as a beefed up codex “sheet”. You know, the sheet that every one uses to play in the forum.


I wonder what the legality of putting together an app designed specifically for PBF games, but with shortcuts in-app to the card DB images, would be like. Rules enforcement wouldn’t really be possible, but I could see something working like a fancier version of the spreadsheet being at least an acceptable stopgap for the time being :thinking:

I’d like to create a web-based (so ios browser too) implementation with rules enforcement. The idea needs Sirlin’s approval first, though.

That reminds me of that cool 7 Wonders AR app that displays rules and ruling over the IRL cards. We should get that guy to make a Codex version. :heart:


Time for everyone to read up on ARkit in iOS 11 I guess!

Sirlin has chosen to respond with silence to my request. Which is a pity because it means that my adaptation (which now has reached a milestone where you can play Bashing v. Finesse but as though card texts were blank) won’t be open to the general public.

Have you contacted him directly via PM? I don’t know if he actually reads this board much, to be honest.

I did via PM on BGG on Jun 8. Since BGG shows the last login time that is later, it’s likely he’s seen the PM.

Try asking him on Discord chat

Ah, yeah, that might have been part of it — I don’t think BGG is a major board destination overall. Send him a PM on here and you’re like 100 times more likely to get a timely response, I think.

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Codex iOS ?
If Codex release in iOS, I must buy ! :heart_eyes:
of course, with Japanese mode. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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[quote=“GRAG, post:11, topic:2701, full:true”]
Ah, yeah, that might have been part of it — I don’t think BGG is a major board destination overall. [/quote]

True, but it’s my common haunt, and David posts there once in a while, so I thought that channel was as appropriate way to contact him as any.

Anyway, I’ll try to get in touch with him again later, when I get something more demoable (as in, full BvF play).

(Not sure about Discord: that sounds like a new-fangled technology that I don’t want to bother learning. I mean, how many new programs do we need to chat? IRC, ICQ, then Skype, then Viber and Telegram and Discord and Slack, oh my.)

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Sirlin responds on discord quite regularly.

Personally, I would love it if someone transformed the spreadsheet into a web based or iOS app. Personally I don’t think making it rules enforced is worth the effort - there are a lot of complicated interactions to cover and for me, half of the fun of board and card games is the fact you enforce the rules. In any case, I love the spreadsheet but it’s missing the most, in my opinion, is card art. Personally I don’t at all enjoy tabletopia but if there was static art so that you can see what’s in your hand and what’s on the board - that would be all I would want. The rest can still work like the spreadsheet as far as I’m concerned (a simple counter for money, you write your actions, drag cards around, click to draw/pick etc.).

I played game of thrones the board game for a long while on forums. At some point, someone made a simple web map that we could use instead of manually updating an image every turn. If someone was to make something, as I can’t, this would be what I would go for. Very simple and super useful.


I’m very interested in making the spreadsheet into a web app. I have too many things on my plate to actually do it anytime soon, but would contribute here and there (as I did w/ codexcarddb, adding the maps stuff), if someone else can get it off the ground.

If no one else can, I will do my best to get to it after I finally get around to the 3 other side projects I have in my hopper (one for personal career, one for dodgeball, and one for my new home)


I haven’t done much web app coding before, but would happily help as well, I just wouldn’t know where to start (and I don’t have time to learn where to start first, otherwise I would have down :stuck_out_tongue: )

Another option, pending Sirlin approval of course, is to create an octgn module. That’s not as good as web-based (wouldn’t work on the phone), isn’t rules enforced (though I think that’s fine) but there’s already an infrastructure there and there are lots of other card games on it. When I played the Thrones LCG, I played on it quite often and it was a good solid system (I prefer that kind of style to Tabletopia and the like). I don’t know what FFG think of the whole thing but as far as I remember, the art for cards was released months after each pack was out and there was some kind of honor system expectations that you own the game. I doubt it was true for every player playing, but really it’s not like a video game or something - it’s static art and pretty basic mechanics. You don’t go through the hassle if you don’t love the game, and if you do - odds are you have it already.

I don’t have any coding skills, but could probably help if this kind of community fan project were to get off the ground.

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I believe, especially given the issues with Tabletop Simulator, there is a definite desire to not have Codex available for free — the reason they went with Tabletopia is that they actually pay a royalty to the IP owner.

Ultimately, I have a suspicion that, unless there’s some way to put the game behind a paywall or subscription or something, anything beyond the starter set might get the kibosh put on it.

On the other hand, a rules-enforced starter set might be pretty cool for helping to teach the game, so… :thinking:


I personally hope nobody puts any effort into putting games on octgn, where only Windows users will be able to play them using an ultra-clunky UI.


I am not familiar with Octgn, but there is a version of codex on Vassal

I suspect its UI is just as clunky as Octgn, but it can run on mac and linux and windows.

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