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Codex in the DMV or Baltimore area?

I have my deluxe set ready to go and a full print and play if there is ever anyone to play with. This is killing me.

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Hey, I’m in Northern Virginia. Should be getting a deluxe any day now.

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I am out near Dulles have my deluxe and pnp ready to go.

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Well when you get yours @raulendymion let me know and maybe I can meet up on some days off depending on where you are! @zhavier I’m over by BWI but going over by Dulles isn’t terrible. If you’re interested we should plan something.

Got my box :smiley:

I’m in Alexandria but it shouldn’t be a problem for me to drive either direction, depending on schedule.

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How do you guys feel about Tuesday? Sounds like we’d have two extra PnPs if anyone has friends that don’t but want to play.

Tuesday’s good for me. Where do you want to meet?

I wont be able to do Tuesday but maybe Friday. Place called nova labs in reston holds game nights for a variety of boardgames.

I couldn’t find a pm function for this forum at a glance but I’m still available tomorrow and willing to negotiate a location as soon as I get home. As far as Friday I probably won’t be able to make it. How is Sunday for everyone? Have to get together with Zhavier too eventually!

Sure, I can still do tomorrow. Fridays are hit or miss for me, and I won’t be able to play this Friday, nor this Sunday I’m afraid. But my schedule shifts from week to week.

Preferred method of communication? Email me your number? darkhitsuzen911@gmail

Hey! I’m in Baltimore. I posted a quick ad on bgg as well. Got my deluxe set a few days ago, all sleeved and ready to go!

For anyone that’s free tomorrow at least two of us are meeting at dream wizards tomorrow at 4

Too far for me :frowning:

I am coming back to Baltimore for thanksgiving weekend if anyone wants to try and get some games in that week. Can play local or drive to the DC area, whatever would work for people already playing out that way.

Hey, I’ve been hella busy but I am randomly recalling this post about thanksgiving. I suppose turkey day jogged my memory. I am available all day Saturday if you still wanted to play. I have an extra set and a print and play if anyone wants to learn and doesn’t have it.