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Codex in NYC

If anybody in or around NYC is ever interested in some organized or casual play, this is the thread to get it together!


I live in NYC and would love to play any time I could get a chance.

There was a guy called Skieth27 on the old forum that had the yomi league called MERCY, in Manhattan. But his last appearance on the fantasystrike forums was 23th of june this year, and the yomi league they had going only has threads from 2014. I guess what I am saying is that there might be a community that would like to play it, as there is a high correlation between liking Yomi and liking Codex. But Skieth27 isn’t here on this forum, at least not with that name.

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Awesome. I’m out of town next week and pretty busy until then, but let’s reconnect here when I get back!

I also live in NYC and would love to get some games in!


I work in NYC (but live in NJ). I might be able to hang around occasionally on evenings to get a few games in, but I won’t be able to do anything on a regular basis. Still want to be kept in the loop, though :slight_smile:


Cool! Like I said above, I’ll definitely post here once I’m available to start playing after I get back. But all should feel free to coordinate anything before that.

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Also willing to lend out Codexes if you guys know people looking to play. The deluxe set gives so much to go around.

Also NYC. Can’t promise I’ll show up, but I can try to send people your way. Any place fine? There’s always Twenty Sided, for example.

I haven’t actually played at 20-sided yet, but I know that’s a popular spot. I have done a lot of gaming in the huge seating area upstairs in the Tribeca Whole Foods.

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I have played MTG at 20 Sided plenty but they now charge for table space after remodeling the store.

Fat Cat has plenty of table space in Manhattan and you can grab a beer if that’s your thing.

The Atrium is a place people play MTG so could probably play there.

Uncommons near Washington Square Park but they may charge for table space too.

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I live in NJ, close to the city but it’s hard for me to make it in because I work nights. If anyone met in North Jersey though, I’d try my hardest to meet up!

Any interest in trying to play this week?

I’m good pretty much any night this week, and flexible on location. Any good ideas?

If you’ve played games in the whole foods before I can meet you there, it’s close to a train I’m off of

Yep, that works. Wed or Thur work for you? 6:30pm is an easy start for me, though I could swing 6 most likely as well.

Missed this one a few days ago, I just picked up work today and tomorrow and can’t make it out. Still trying to game with you some time, I have been reading your pbf games and you seem much better at this game than I am, eager to learn a bit more

No problem. We can try for next week if you like or whenever. I’m usually pretty flexible. As a dad I can’t be out every night, but I don’t normally have many standing plans :slight_smile:

Might be easier to organize on some messenger platform, like the official discord server? I’m in nyc and am interested in playing! I have core, starter, and 2 expansions in preorder waiting for release, so I haven’t touched the game, but I have read through the rules.

I’m about the least socially-connected person out there, so I don’t even know where or what the official Discord server is :slight_smile: Happy to go wherever the players are, though, if it helps us coordinate!